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10 Ways to Boost Engagement in Your Product Video

[![How to boost engagement in product videos](]( eyeballs and keep em!
Standing out with video content ain’t easy. If you’re able to get your audience to watch your video at all, that’s a big victory, but only half the story. Once you got em’ you gotta keep em’ and that, my friends, is  called Engagement.  Here’s 10 great ways to help engage your audience in your product video. **Show Off** It might seem obvious to show your product in use, but you might actually want to show many different use cases, some less obvious. It’s also frequently a good idea to spend much more resources showing, rather than telling.  You could have only a couple of well chosen words or sentences while communicating mostly visually. **Writing with Personality** For some reason, many tech companies seem to want to explain their product with dry language (maybe because they are engineers at heart, who knows?!) There’s no rule saying you have to be boring to be taken seriously. Colorful and fun language can catch your audience’s attention and help them like and remember your product. **Be Unique** We are all inundated with content, standing out is a challenge. By using novel locations, scenarios, characters and props, you can help your content wake up and take notice.  Sure your product is amazing, but beyond that: be bold, be interesting, be unique. **The Magic of Motion ** The main difference between video and photos is motion, use that. By moving the product, the camera, the people/places/props in your videos, you’ll keep a feeling of dynamism. Your product will naturally feel more interesting. Motion is attractive: Ever been to a revolving Sushi-boat restaurant? Mesmerizing… **Time-lapse Time!** [Time-lapse photography]( has been used quite a bit lately, for good reason. (If there’s a lot of change, it looks really cool).  It might not be right for your product, but when it is right, it’s sooo right. **A lil’ Perspective** I’ve noticed that in many cases, if you’re able to get really close or really far away, everything gets much more interesting. It can call for special lenses or production tools like [a dolly ]( an interesting angle or perspective can transform a shot from ‘[*ho-hum*](‘ to engaging and memorable. **The Change-Up** Music sets the mood in video content, but if your content is long enough, you can change the mood. In a 2 minute video, you could have 3 different music tracks for the beginning/middle/end that set a different tone for each. It will also keep things moving along and keep them engaged.  Even if it’s pretty good, a single track can get a bit old sooner than you think. **Editing Pace** As our attention spans have shortened, the editing pace required to keep stimulation up has quickened.  Watch a typical ad and there’s edits every few seconds. If you have a longer video, it’s really important to have lots of [supporting B-roll footage,]( from a variety of angles, scenarios, etc. that fit with what’s being said, otherwise, you risk dis-engagement. Once you’ve got them to watch your video, it’d be a shame to loose them if the edit isn’t keeping those eyeballs glued right where you want them. **Motion Graphics** For product that aren’t very photogenic or hard to show, [motion graphics]( can be your best bet to engage as you explain.  For most motion graphics, the illustrations and motions need time to be revised, tweaked and massaged. This attention to detail will mean the difference between “*yawn”* and “*wow!”* ** Embrace Quality ** No matter what techniques you use, quality is typically the most important ingredient. Your video is your virtual sales-person and in subtle ways speaks volumes about what they can expect from your product  quality and the trust-worthiness of your claims. Video quality is your most powerful tool or your greatest enemy.  Make sure you’re giving your project the time, budget and resources it needs and put your best foot forward. [![downloadable online video guide](/content/images/2014/05/DAC_offer1_021914.png)]( [![free guide download](/content/images/2014/05/DAC-offer1_022114.png)]( ** **
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