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10 Ways Video can Help Your Business

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You have many business challenges. Video can be a surprisingly powerful tool in addressing them.  Let’s take a look at some of the ways that video can be used effectively for just about any product, service or company. **Connect** Video content puts you in front of a new audience in new places.  If you don’t have video content, your company will basically be invisible to those on You Tube or doing search for video content. **Grab Attention** In a crowded internet, just standing out and getting noticed is job #1.  Video is premium content and because it’s visual and moving, it ‘pops’ more than static images or just text. **Keep Attention** Grabbing attention is the first step, but then you need to keep it.  Boring content is just going to make someone click away.  By investing the resources to make engaging content, you stand a better chance of retaining the audience you’ve worked so hard to get in the first place. **Introduce ** Video is a great way to introduce a new idea/company/product. In some cases, especially with tech companies, the product can often be a *first of it’s kind* and video is a great way to make that first introduction go well. **Explain** If you have to frequently explain your product/company then you might consider letting a well-crafted video do that explaining for you.  In fact, video can save you lots of time and money -acting as a virtual sales rep. Video can walk customers through the basics, freeing your staff up from handling all the the introductory questions. **Condense** You might be surprised at how effective video can be at condensing ideas into shorter, more consumable  pieces of content.  Instead of reading a one-page document, you may be able to ‘show & tell’ your audience everything they need to know with video. **Convince** *Seeing is believing* and using video for visual comparison or to remove ‘elements of the unknown’ would be hard to beat unless in a real person meeting.  The power of testimonials to convince is incredible. If you can see someone’s face as they talk, you can somehow just tell if they seem believable and authentic. **Inspire** The combination of music, quality footage, well-chosen words, all edited together well, can make a huge emotional impact.  By inspiring emotional reactions, you’ll have a better chance of inspiring action. **Convert** Video can be that little push over the edge that a prospective customer needs to close a sale.  If your product can be purchased over the internet, even better! Shoe retailer Zappos [famously saw up to 30% increase in conversions on product pages with videos]( on their site! **Share** Video is highly sharable content. By providing a vehicle more suitable for social sharing, your message can get a big boost in exposure. The cost of getting these free shares is making *share-worthy* content so keep your audience in mind. **In Summary** If you have something to say or certainly when you have something to show, video can be your best friend. The costs and challenges to create quality content can save your company time, effort and money in the long run.  Video can be your tireless agent, *showing and telling* your message – 24/7 around the world  -for months and years ahead. [![free guide download](/content/images/2014/05/DAC-offer1_022114.png)]( [![downloadable online video guide](/content/images/2014/05/DAC_offer1_021914.png)](  
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