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7 ideas of Video Content You Can Easily Harvest at an Event

Marketing and industry events are great places to easily produce video for later use online. These types of events are typically a festive atmosphere, are full of industry experts and have a lively backdrop – much more engaging than a stuffy office.  Here are just a few ways that video can be effectively produced at an event with minimal planning.

  1. *Event Coverage: *This is the low-hanging fruit. A video documenting the event may be useful to market future events as well as provide engaging content for your website, blog and social media efforts.
  2. Expert Interviews: *It’s probably easy to take for granted but most industry events are basically a collection of experts! If you are able to extract some of the most relevant info/tips/perspective from them, it will very likely be of value to your industry’s online community.
  3. Client Testimonials: *I believe there is no stronger tool than testimonials in building trust in a prospective customer.  The tell-tale, non-verbal signs on the interviewee’s faces will make a powerful impact in the establishment of trust with your  audience and put you one step closer to a sale.
  4. Reactions to a Common Question: *Ask a bunch of people one question and tell them you are doing so, they’ll probably want to participate! This is a great way to show consensus (or refute it) for the topics that are most relevant to your industry.
  5. Have Attendees ask Questions:By having these questions recorded and shared online it helps establish their legitimacy. Your audience will be able to sense that these are real questions that are important to their peers.
  6. *Topical Trivia: *This idea is a bit more fun but it can helpful too. Create a pop quiz or trivia to ask the guests, you’ll probably get some fun stuff. If it’s a game, it’s OK to not have the right answer. It can be really engaging to watch as well.
  7. Video Blog Posts: If you planned ahead to ask 10 people to talk about one really relevant topic that they are experts in, you could have 10 weeks of sticky video content for your blog.

The big take away

The main point about this post is that events are a fantastic opportunity to easily harvest a wide variety of types of video content that can be used on your website, blog and social media and it’s a shame not to take advantage of such ‘easy pickings’.  I hope these ideas may help inspire you come up with some additional ideas on your own and that you embrace event video as a great way to boost your visibility, engagement and relevance online.

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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