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7 Tips to Creating Effective Video Case Studies

“Video connects to consumers more effectively than any other media”-Heineken

Video case studies can be a highly effective way to demonstrate how your company helped a client. By putting a happy client in front of a camera, the audience can hear, in their own words, how you helped them. They can see for themselves if they are convinced that you can help them as well. The cumulative effects of these types of anecdotes, data/results and non-verbal communication clues can be very powerful. Who knows, maybe YOURS is “The most interesting success story in the world”?

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We recently helped Tube Mogul tell the story of how they helped Heineken. This was an important example of how their new video ad buying technologies are transforming how big brands buy media so they knew it was key to do it right.

Here are the key ingredients to ensure your video case studies are as effective as possible.

1.Explain the problem and solution clearly.

It can be challenging to summarize the problem/solution/results story but if you can find a way to do so in 60-120 seconds of video, you’ll get more people to listen than in a white paper.

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2. Use data whenever possible.

It’s frequently not enough to say "it was a success". Giving hard data results goes a long way in quantifying success. Without data and proof points, you increase the chance that doubts will remain in your audience’s mind.

3. Get your client(s) to tell the story.

It’s too easy for a company to say they are great. It’s far more convincing to let your clients tell the story. The more objective and the more clients, the better.

4. Make it engaging.

You have to respect your audience. If they get bored, all they need to do is click away. For Heineken we used 2 camera angles and copious amounts of supporting office footage to tell the story in a way that goes just beyond a ‘talking head’. The office footage also helps make this person on camera more real, more relatable and more believable.

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5. Keep it short.

After about 2 minutes, people tend to drop off. You can say a lot in a minute, shorter is almost always better.

6. Put your best foot forward.

This video represents your company. Use you best case study results. Select photogenic and articulate clients. If your content feels shoddily produced that reflects on you and your client.

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#7 Plan ahead.

Allocate enough budget and time to be able to produce quality content that is commensurate with the video’s function. For example: Find out where is the best place to shoot, the best supporting assets you can use in the edit, how long do you have to turn their video around. Give it the time to evolve and it only gets better.

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I hope these examples and tips give you a better sense of how to be as successful as possible with YOUR video case studies. Go make something interesting!

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