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App Marketing with Video: How to Market your App with Video

App Marketing Videos are here! Now that everyone in the universe is either making an App (or wants to) the marketplace is getting pretty crowded. In order to stand out among the hundreds of thousands of Apps, a video has become a crucial marketing tool. In fact, what better way to show and tell what an app is all about?! Even if someone could try your App for themselves, a well produced, engaging video can very quickly and consistently explain to a large audience what your app is all about…without travel and even while you sleep!

Video is essential for App marketing…

We drank our own ‘kool aid': Digital Accomplice is currently producing the official App for a celebrity artist and is in the editing process of the trailer and marketing videos in the San Francisco Bay Area right now. Our goal was to provide as much video content to media outlets as possible. There’s a ton of reasons why video content helps with App Marketing: SEO, social media marketing, online media coverage, customer education, etc.

We’d like to share a few suggestions and tips we’ve learned along the way to help you market your App successfully.

Create a solid overview video

This is your best shot of getting people’s short attention, tell them exactly what they need to hear and show them what they need to see to care. Get clean video captures, shoot high-quality, use great editing. Keep it short and make it cool, fun and exciting!

*Conduct video interviews *

Consider shooting interviews with the developers, artists or other relevant people involved and provide it to news and other media outlets as ‘exclusives’. If they are the only website with that footage, they will be more likely to cover your app.
Provide additional ‘behind the scenes’ videos

You can also shoot more casual ‘making of’ videos and video developer diaries. People love this type of video and the more content you have, the more they can watch!

Create a You Tube brand  channel

If you have enough content, you can also create a You Tube brand channel to house all that video. It will give you lots of ammunition for social media tweets and posts and also help with SEO to become more visible online. *

* Consider if producing the video yourself is the best option*

You probably COULD produce it yourself, but you may have more important things to do! Now that many Apps are being marketed with videos, the bar has been raised and just having ‘A VIDEO’ does mean you have ‘ENGAGING VIDEO’. It may sound obvious but in order to stand out, you need stand out content.

I hope the tips help you market your app more effectively, good luck out there!

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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