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B2B Video Marketing Takes Center Stage

B2B Video Marketing, we’re ready for your “close up”! With the proliferation of broadband/wireless connections, You Tube, mobile devices, social media and other technological and cultural forces, online video has experiencing a boom which is now affecting B2B businesses as well.  The time has come where any business can step onstage and make themselves seen & heard by telling their story with video.

The Opportunity

Your customers are searching for answers online. Pre-purchasing research is increasingly being made before first contact. Our always-on/always connected lifestyle has affected our attention spans – there’s a lot of noise & distraction. Because video is so engaging and so concise, one could argue that video marketing is the new super weapon in the marketer tool-kit.  What better way to make a great first impression and help show & tell before your real face-to-face first impression?

What Works

We find that for B2B video marketing the silver bullet is client testimonials. While it’s probably easier to just tell the world how talented/effective/advanced/etc. your company/product is, nothing beats the power of your satisfied customers explaining how you solved their business problem. Humans pick up on the nuances in non-verbal communication and we can just sense when someone is being authentic.  If you can call in some favors and get your happy customers on camera, you should expect these testimonials will gain healthy traction with your prospective customers and help eliminate possible doubts.

 The Data

Video has become an integrated part of the B2B marketing landscape. Your customers like video, and as they consume more, the impact of static media is fading.  It’s not an extra anymore. If you want to stand out, it’s an imperative.*

  • In a Web Video Marketing Council Q4 2011 survey, when asked “Have you used video for marketing?” Respondents answered: 81% yes, 13% considering, 7% no.
  • In a B2B Magazine survey: Half are increasing B2B marketing video use, about ⅓ are “aggressively” increasing use, only 15% no plans.
  • 75% of Executives are viewing work-related videos on business-related websites weekly (Forbes).
  • Video has a 400% higher engagement than static content (Flimp).
  • An indexed video stands a 50X chance of ranking on first results page than any textual page (Forrester Research).
  • 2-3 times higher email click-thru rates with video (Forrester Research).
  • 64% increase in a prospect’s propensity to buy after watching video (Internet Retailer).

Next Steps

Many companies are now interested in developing their B2B video marketing strategy – but aren’t sure where to begin. My suggestion is to identify what stages of the sales cycle you need to focus on (such as lead-generation or conversions) and decide on which aspect to experiment to see if video content can help move the needle. Once you’ve identified an objective, I’d recommend shopping for a vendor who can help you along the way in developing both strategy & content that can help achieve your goals and fit your budget.  In the ‘old model’ video production for companies was either done by their agency or by a video production company. We now live in an age where the tools and talent are more democratized and widely distributed – meaning companies have more production partner options that ever before. Do some research on their portfolios and perhaps on review sites like to see if they seem like they’d be a good fit and can deliver the product and service you’re looking for.

B2B video marketing is here. It’s the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting (but it doesn’t need to sleep or plane tickets). It will be interesting to see how companies use video to help with their marketing efforts and what kind of impact it may have as mobile continues to take off on a global scale.

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What questions do you have? Feel free to contact me and I’ll try and help.

Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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