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Best Ways to Totally Screw Up Your Company’s Video

how to fail with your company video

Succeeding at Failure!

Making video these days is easy. Making engaging video content that clearly communicates your message and achieves it’s goals is HARD.  Here’s a few fantastic ways you can completely hose your company’s video:

*Don’t have a clear goal: *This one’s a classic.  “Let’s make a video”! Don’t bother asking “why”? It just makes your brain hurt.   As long as you make something, that’s good, right?

*Have tons of goals: *Once you decide on a goal, why stop there? Just go ahead and cram as many conflicting objectives as possible. Sure, your video will long and confusing, but that’s ok! Maybe some of your message will break through the audiences glazed over boredom before they realize they can just click away.

Involve everyone: Ever hear the one about how too many cooks spoiling the stew?  Maybe you have a real dream team on your hand that somehow doesn’t make this fundamental law of the universe true. Wow. Congrats!

*Don’t understand your audience: *In interest of streamlining the process, it’s probably best you completely disregard basic facts about your audience like age, gender, language comprehension and knowledge of your product category. I mean, you’re not a person-scientist, right?

Navel-gazing is almost as great as you are!: Your company is amazing and so are your products. You should pound these facts into your audience without explaining WHY they might care in the first place.  Audiences especially love when you drone on about how long you’ve been in business and what your core value are.

*Make it really, really, reaaaaallly long: *You have a lot to say, so say every single thing you want.  It’s your video after all!

*All steak, no sizzle: *Don’t waste budget trying to make your video interesting. Just cover the points with the bare-minimum of effort…or is it bear-minimum, I forget.

*Hurry up: *Since shooting video on your iPad is so easy now (and you are smart, creative, resourceful and driven) you don’t need extra time to develop ideas, think through your strategy and plan out your video. To be honest, all that stuff is kinda inconvenient and such a drag.

how to fail with videoSweet! We’ve got a budget!

*Get cheap: *By harnessing the power of the internet and yourDonald Trump-trumping *negotiation skills, you’re totally gonna get a deal. There’s probably some really talented, readily available and professional wunderkind*out there who’s going to make some movie magic for you…and you’re the only one looking for that person in this video boom.

*Mistake hubris for capability: *Even though you have little/no experience, your hope that you can make an effective video has deluded you into thinking you somehow can for-see all the relevant issues and avoid them…nay, VANQUISH them. All shall be utterly irradiated by the light of your Directorial Vision.

*Devalue expertise: *You can just do it in-house! Jim from Accounting is into that iMovie stuff…and he’s not* that* busy doing his actual job.

Disregard a distribution strategy: Just stick in on You Tube. After your mom sees it, it’ll probably get found among the 100 Bazillion truly amazing videos posted every nano-second.

how to screw up your videoYou’re so amazing this is easy

*Don’t plan how the video fits into your website:  *Your IT department can probably “just post it on the website” too. Probably super easy. It’ll no-doubt fit right in to the design that was created 9 months ago…. with no plan to incorporate video.

*Drop the”call-to-action”: *After your audience enjoys your Mangum Opus, they will undoubtedly take the desired action. No need to remind them at the end or build it into the plan of where your video lives.

*Embrace *battle fatigue: *You worked really hard on your video and you were already totally slammed when you took this on. You deserve a medal…or at least  a break. Now that the video is almost done, you can relax and NOT use the little bit of time or budget left (that you wisely reserved) to try and improve the project further. Why second guess yourself and redo things that are attempted but just aren’t working well? That would be an admission of failure, and success just isn’t worth looking like you aren’t able to for-see every single possible issue like the sorcerer*you are.

Wow. Your video is now as truly amazing as you are. Well done.

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