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Biggest Mistakes Tech Companies make in their Videos

tech company video mistakes

I love the smell of recording video in the morning

Tech companies are full of smart people: Kings of coding, engineering geniuses, luminaries at the top of their game.  Sadly, with all due respect, too many of these industry experts couldn’t market their way out of a paper bag.  Add to that the peculiarities of video and it’s a recipe for disaster.  Distilled here, I offer pearls of wisdom, culled carefully for you to communicate your brand’s gospel effectively in video format.

Establish Goals

How will you measure success? Everything else flows from this.  Think about how this video fits into your sales process. Is this an early stage ‘awareness’ video or a later sales stage ‘conversion’ video?

Room to Breathe

You can’t choose for lighting to strike. The best ideas need time to breathe & evolve. It’s best to give lots of lead time to start working through the possibilities of logistics and creative.

The Power of Engagement

Do you like boring videos? No? Exactly.  Give your audience plenty of reason to not click away.  Aim for well-lit and shot video, with good music, edited well with lots of supporting footage. You have to earn their view!

Start with “Why”

Your audience might not care what your product does, how it works or how amazing your company mission is unless you explain WHY they should care.  (HINT: How it affects/benefits them. )

The Credibility Gap

It’s easy for your CEO to say how awesome your company is, but this opinion means so much more if it comes from an objective customer who has experienced the benefits.   10 customers is even better!

Seeing is Believing

* *By showing your team, product, process or even your office you can help remove elements of “the unknown “and build trust. If your product is ready yet, you might want to go with a polished animated graphic video but you have to then work that much harder to get over this hurdle by investing enough into making that animated video worthy of trust.

Quantify to Convince

Numbers rock. Sure, you can say your product will save your customers time or money but if you say it saves 50% of your time or money, that starts to mean a hell of a lot more! If you can get data from a cited and trusted independent source, even better.

Keep it simple. Think MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Ask yourself “What is the minimum content I need to show to be pretty sure we will achieve our objective?”…then, well… just do that. Avoid ‘scope creep’ it’s dead weight dragging your video down into the boredom pit.

Cutting Corners ain’t Cool: Every video is essentially a ‘Point of Departure’ there’s a vision to it, a purpose. Commit to the concept and execute with quality. Once you start cutting corners you tend to keep cutting. Cool videos don’t come from cutting corners.

You’re welcome! I hope these tips help you tell your story more effectively with video.

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