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Brand Content for Developer Marketing

App and video game developers know how challenging it can be to stand out in a crowded marketplace. With hundreds of thousands of other apps and games available, video can be a powerful tool to help your company and it’s products stand out. For app reviewers, it’s practically a *requirement *these days that a developer provide an overview video that explains all the main points and helps them get a handle on what each app is all about. But how do you get your audience to watch your video in the first place? Social Media is obviously an important component but even before you blast your message to the masses, I’d urge you to ‘think different’.

In my opinion, the problem with video content created by brands is that it (rather recklessly) doesn’t show consideration what the audience wants. Brand content is a happy medium: content people want, but integrating subjects they may not have exactly been looking for – but sort of don’t mind so much. By partnering with a company for which your customers are seeking out information/content, you can position your company as a kind of video case study for that partner.

Here’s an example of brand content that I worked on recently with Adobe, which showcases app developer HD Interactive:

This is a great example of brand content because….

Not only does it show off the Adobe brand in a good light by showcasing cool products being made with their software, it also showcases the developer AND their games. It’s good for the customer because they get a couple real-world examples of what is possible with the Adobe software, rather than just listening to an Adobe Marketing Representative tell them. The customer gets to see and hear the end product of the software, they get to see the enthusiasm on the developer’s faces which builds trust.

For a company with lots of products or lots of applications of a single product, this strategy can be extremely effective. Imagine a tech product manufacturer showing several customers who use their product in surprising ways, or a series of videos that show how one company uses several software services from one company, like Adobe, showing the advantages of each. It’s not hard to imagine how an action sports company like Mountain Hardware or Patagonia could benefit from mini-documentary stories that just so happen to integrate their climbing-gear products in action. Their customers would would probably enjoy that and find it helpful.

Video brand content also doesn’t have to be expensive, if you work with a talented and experienced video producer who can help you develop the right concepts and plans, you can end up with amazingly high quality content that will fit your budget and entertain/attract prospective customers. You know what they say: A picture is worth a thousands words..but I say it’s worth millions if it moves and has sound!

I hope this closer look at brand content has helped. Please share, ‘like’, and follow below. Really, please do.

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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