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Branded Video: Engage & Share Your Brand Value

Chipolte wins the ‘awesome award’ for brand content with their new “Farmed and Dangerous” video series. It’s good entertainment that communicates the core values of the brand and creates a positive brand image. Check it out:

They undoubtedly had a huge budget but we can all learn from the example. Simply put: Brand content works.

I think any company can create affordable and effective video brand content. Just as long as you understand and respect your audience and create content at that intersection of your company’s interest and the audience’s, you can create value for both.

While video sounds expensive, it’s probably helpful to think like a magazine editor. They use the tools of words and still images to communicate. These are cost effective building blocks to build features, reviews, lists, any way you can package information and opinion that will be somewhat entertaining to consume, you’ve got a shot.  If you were to combine images, text and music, and hey, maybe even some video, you can probably start to create a piece of media that has some emotional impact and appeal, all for a ‘doable’ timeline and budget.

The good news is you probably have an engaged core audience of people who know and care a lot about your core business. If you can find a way to entertain and educate about the issues that are relevant to them, then you might have a burrito’s chance and being the next Chipolte.

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