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Capturing The Value Of Social Media Using Video and Google Analytics

Google Analytics Social Value tools for Video and Content Marketing ROI MeasurementHoney Badger cares about ROI!

Google’s Analytics Blog posted a great update to the already fantastic Analytics today calling it “Social Reporting”. They are clearly keenly aware of marketer’s needs to measure the value of the social media activities for their business. They state that:

“The new reports bridge the gap between social media and the business metrics you care about – allowing you to better measure the full value of the social channel for your business.”

This sounds like big news! We’ve been using Google Analytics since we launched but this is a pretty cool new feature. Now we’ll be able to track how effective our content is out in Social Media Land, not just by relying on You Tube stats. Yippee!

The really cool part about this is…

Now you’ll be able to measure how much more sticky video content is outside of your website, across the various social networks and what people are saying about it as it spreads out to the periphery of the long tail:

“If you publish content, you’ll want to know which articles are most commonly shared or recommended, and on which social networks they’re being shared. The Social Plug-in report shows which articles on your site are receiving the most engagement and which social buttons – for example, Google +1 – are being clicked to share them. “

I’m intrigued by the Overview Report which allows you to see easily see “how much conversion value is generated from your social channels.” Wow. Think about that for a second. If a company spends $10,000 on a video and shares it out there Social Media Land, they’ll be able to see and measure the conversion value of that content. Wow!

Now, granted, Google doesn’t specifically mention video as content, but that’s the opportunity I’m seeing. Given that quality video can be a high value but expensive up-front cost, it’s been challenging for marketers and the video industry to track ROI.  This is one more seemingly powerful tool to help you experiment and measure how your content performs. As an experienced video producer I intrinsically know that video is high engagement content, so it stands to reason that the stats will show just that, but don’t take my word for it, now you can more easily measure it for yourself!

NOTE: I’ve asked on the comment section of their blog post for more clarification of how this new suite can best be used with video and hope to share their feedback here soon.

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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