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(Case Study) Using Video Marketing for Awareness - The Ouya Gaming Console

Boom! Did you hear that? That’s the sound of thousand’s of indie game developer’s mind’s being blown. Move over Xbox, PlayStation and Wii, now indie developers have an open-source gaming console coming that will be as developer-friendly as the mobile and social game space has been.

In this post, I’ll be taking a closer look at the marketing video released for the new gaming console “Ouya“.  Sure, I read about it, but this scrappy lil’ overview marketing video helped me understand everything about it in well under 3 minutes:

What did you think?

Lets take a look at what is working, what might not be and what it would take to pull something like this off.

For what was probably a modest start-up budget, I thought it was pretty well done. It was fairly concise, with clear messaging and value proposition.  I think it’s especially well suited for a wide audience of gamers, developers, investors and journalists.

The tone and message were right on. It had that ‘indie’ feel and pace. I think it might have been smart to keep it even shorter, you’d probably get more views, shares, etc. since viewership with online video generally dips around 1 minute – let’s face it, we’re all ADD now! (Thanks internet!)

The production value was decent.  The camera they used had nice lenses that allowed the background to be in soft-focus, which is what gives video that ‘film-look’.  I’m glad they got plenty of shots of the people around the office, using the product. Cut to engaging music it makes a big difference in keeping excitement and attention – which allows you to get your message across in the first place!

Some of the shots could have used a little TLC. I suspect the black and white shots weren’t looking so hot so the turned them black and white, and the hand-held shakiness well, I could have done without.  That said, it does add a feel of authenticity so it’s no biggie.

For this type of production, I’d imagine a day or two of planning,scripting (on and off.) Maybe a day or two of shooting and anywhere between 2-5 days editing, depending on how much they shot, who’s editing, client feedback, etc. I’d expect to pay about 5-10K (depending on talent, time, equipment) for a video like this. You could easily spend less or more with predicable quality-related results.

The big take-away: Here’s are the essential ingredients I see for making a successful marketing video of this quality and length range:

  • Clear messaging and a tight script (know what you want to say and to whom, keep it simple!)
  • A professional quality video shoot that, at a minimum, does more good than harm to your reputation
  • A few engaging, energetic interviews to edit together into a story.
  • Some  visually interesting footage of the office/location/product/etc.
  • Engaging music
  • Snappy editing by a professional
  • A distribution and sharing strategy for online
  • Optimization of meta-tag keywords & transcription file (so the web crawlers know what’s in the video)
  • Above all: Quality execution – or it just may suck!

There you have it, the secret formula.  If you’re interested in creating a marketing video for your company, I’ll be happy to offer a FREE 30 minute consultation to help assess how video can best attack your business challenges. Until then, I’m going to go try and buy one of the Ouya things…

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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