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Creative Video Concept Development: Where the visual and spoken languages colide!

For many companies it’s challenging to develop a concept for how to deliver a corporate message in an engaging video format to their audience. I think the first assumption to get past is that it doesn’t have to be a ‘talking head’ interview – or even video footage shot with a camera! For example, it can simply be words alone, made even more interesting by clever writing and perhaps animation. Check out this fantastic animated text example of a transcribed rant by comedian/actor/genius Stephen Fry discussing his love of language:

While it’s probably obvious …

both the writing and animation in this example involve considerable time and talent, I think it is a fantastic piece of inspiration that really shows that an engaging message delivered in an entertaining way can come in surprising formats which may not even involve a video shoot. It’s also worth pointing out that there is the matter of the voice over talent used in this example (Stephen Fry) who has a complete mastery of his craft and can essentially captivate the audience with his voice…even if he were describing how to make coffee.

It’s also probably easy to underestimate the time and talent that went into hand-animating, resizing, rotating and placing each of those words so that they were perfectly timed with the spoken script…not to mention that they all made up a whole word at the end in the big reveal. The visual language of using big fonts to make big points and using pauses, spaces, all these are part of the art of visual language (that sadly, can be overlooked when time and budgets are tight, ultimately hurting the potential success of the project). It’s always a balance, it’s up to the client, but these are the little extra bits that all add up to make videos engaging, stand-out, sharable – rather than just mediocre.

In a quality video production like this, it’s not always so easy to deconstruct all the pieces of the puzzle that all add up to a high-quality, engaging, impactful and sharable product, but I hope that these little insights have given you a little inspiration at what may be possible for your next video production project.

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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