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Does video for business really work? (The business case for video - Data Included)

*Long answer: *It depends on your goals.
*Short answer: *Yes.

Let’s tackle that long answer.

First, what should be your goals for online marketing anyway? According to research from Web Marketing 123’s ‘recent state of digital marketing’ report, marketing experts agree that the goals of digital marketing are:

  1. About 75% lead/sales generation
  2. About 25% building awareness/driving traffic to your website

Marketers claim that their best measurements of success of digital marketing are:

  • Website traffic 74% agree
  • Lead generation 69% agree
  • Sales/click through rate on website (about) 65% agree

When asked what makes the biggest impact on lead generation goals? the answer probably  isn’t too surprising to most marketers:

57% of B2B marketers say it’s SEO
41% of *B2C *marketers also say it’s SEO

If you’re wondering “why?” it’s because Search Engine Optimization is measurable in a variety of ways and as about as close to a silver bullet as we seem to be. If you invest and focus your efforts, you can expect good results.

So then how* exactly* can *video *help with SEO?

The search bots rank video as more valuable. According to Forrester Research videos are 53x more likely to get a page 1 Google ranking!

Video is also high-engagement content (since it combines images, motion, music, words, etc) and it tends to be sticky, keeping users on your site and engaged with your brand and likely somewhat  more receptive to your message. By having content that makes people stick around, your online relevance is being demonstrated (to bots and people).

According to the You Tube Content Creator’s Playbook, you’ll get even better results if you:

•  Optimize your You Tube presence with playlists of curated content
• Maximize properly optimized meta-tag keywords on your videos
• Make sure to use informational NOT* transactional *keywords
• Include a closed captioning file, which both allows hearing impaired to understand your content and allows search bots to know what is being covered in the video!
• Add subtitle translations in other languages, greatly increasing your global reach.

In addition, mobile audiences are growing very fast and very big and video is perfect medium for distributing your message in a mobile-friendly way – who reads white papers on their phone?!

In general, video gets results when it comes to sales conversions.

According to a ReelSEO study, Videos in universal search results have 41% higher click through rate.

For products, it seems to be very clear that video can make an impact. Online retailer Zappos claims a 6-30% increase in conversions with product pages that have videos! Video is understandable a natural choice for any ‘show and tell’ business need.

I think all this adds up to a pretty compelling case for how & when video can work for business, but I have years of experience and will admit to a bit of bias.  That said,perhaps it’s the experience that allows me to intuitively grasp the opportunity more clearly.

So how do you make sure you’re headed down the right path?

My recommendation is first, do no harm.

With the tools available today and budgets being squeezed, it’s tempting to boot-strap it. But I’d advise to not get hasty and start posting potentially brand-undermining phone-camera videos you or your staff has cobbled together.

Creating quality video requires a complex combination of technical knowledge and honed aesthetic sensibilities of composition, timing, lighting, brevity, tone, etc…. and I’d even add creativity and talent in there too! It’s a field that’s constantly changing and evolving as both a technology and art and arguably takes a lifetime to master.

The good news is video content development is a scalable process and if you find the right production partner, you can find smart ways to achieve your business goals.

Good luck and please let us know if you have any questions.

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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