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Email Video Marketing: Twice the Impact! (Case Study with Video Example and Data)

Email Video Marketing works. How do we know, we tried it! We had seen the data and intuitively grasped that video is an engaging medium so we wanted to try it for ourselves to see if this is a service we can offer our clients to help them with lead generation.

Immediately after our webinar on B2B video marketing yesterday, Digital Accomplice sent out our first email video marketing campaign. By any measure it was a resounding success.  It’s important to note that best practices are not to actually send a video in an email but rather to have an image that appears to be a video that launches another browser window with the video and ideally a strong call to action and a form to fill out. Here’s a screen shot of how the email appeared:

b2b video email marketing campaign design for san francisco emeryville bay area sillicon valley

Here’s our process…

Once the user clicked on the email they were taken to this page that has an embedded video which drives the call to action of filling out the form. Here is the video which includes our offer of a complimentary initial consultation:

The initial results are in and we had approximately twice the industry average for opens and clicks! Here is the data so you can see for yourself:

b2b video email marketing campaign results data for san francisco emeryville bay area sillicon valleyWhat this shows is that a video email can be twice as powerful as image and text only marketing emails.  The promise and appeal of video content is literally twice as compelling and other email formats and earn twice the results!

We are looking forward to further refining and optimizing future campaigns and see if we can move the needle even further. I’m looking forward to helping clients develop a similarly effective email video marketing campaign for their business objectives as well.

Want to learn more about Online Video? Download our free Online Video Marketing Guide: Learn How to Promote your Business with Video (Free Download)

If you’re interested in learning more about email video marketing, please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions I can.

Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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