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Event Video Production: How to Create Valuable Video Content From Events

Event Video Production

Event Video Production is one of the most straightforward business uses for video. You can conduct interviews, shoot footage of the products on display, get customer testimonials and build some buzz for your brand. Remember that the video you gather while at an event (like expert interviews) can be used in ways that extend far beyond the event itself – and in many channels like your website, video blog entries, social media and with partners channels as well.  All of these factors make event video production an easy way to increase visibility, relevance and stickiness – without too much planning or work – and in a very cost effective way. Here’s a few considerations as you explore event video production for your company….

*Harvest Time: *Gatherings of people at one event create fantastic opportunities for ecomomies of scale in video production, one video crew could interview dozens of people or gather other valuable content – all in a day! Events are the low hanging fruit of video production.

Happy Hunting: Events typically consist of collections of industry experts, influencers and prospective customers and partners. They’re all right there to be interviewed!

Timeliness: *There may be a lot of value in releasing video event coverage as news, but it may be just as valuable to release content long after the event is over. There is frequently a use for both.

Extended Use:  By gathering a library of content in one event, you could potentially have enough to release regular video content weekly, monthly or quarterly for a long time. Videos typically stay online too so they can be working for you for years!

Where to Share:  *Not only should you consider putting content on your usual channels (your website, blog, social media and You Tube) but also think about your blog,news outlets, trade organizations, partners and even via fans, followers, friends….

Production Value: *Video can have polished high production value or can be from your phone, both have their place for event video production. Sometimes the timeliness and authenticity of hand-held phone-cam is fine, you just have to use your judgement – keep your audience in mind.

Location Assessment: Make sure you consider the noise, crowds, lights, any ‘rules of the house’ that might exist at a conference center, business, restaurant or other event location.

The Dual-Purpose Trap: While video coverage of something like a presentation can be valuable, it can also backfire. Depending on the intended use it may make more sense to have the presenter do a separate brief summary of the presentation they give rather than asking the video audience to sit through an hour long video when they just want the highlights. Panels and ’round tables’ are also tricky because you typically either need plenty of cameras and microphones to cover all the speakers (who might talk at any time) or the cameras will need to keep moving in reaction to who speaks next, which is pretty unpleasant to watch.

I hope the event video production tips help give you some perspective and ideas for how you can leverage video for multiple business uses.

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Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions and I’ll do my best to help answer them.

Good luck!

Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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