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Event Video Production: How Video Can Maximize Value Before, During and After Your Event

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As you begin planing for your next event, consider how video can help promote and add value. Here’s the most popular ways my clients are effectively using video:

Promotion: A promo video can grab attention, excite and explain the event’s value, plus it’s a great self-contained message in a sharable format. If you don’t have any event video yet, no problem: you don’t need video to create  a promotional video either, some photos, music and voice-over or text can do a lot.

Here’s a promotional video we recently did for a client’s event that incorporates photos, music and voice over:

Presentation at the Event: Video is a great way to get your audience’s attention and energize the room as you explain your core messaging in an exciting format. You can present the videos at a keynote, in a break out session, online, in emails or even distribute on a memorable take-away such as a branded USB key or disc.

Archive Event Content:  Archive the presentations for those who can’t make it.  Use the whole presentations and/or edit them into bite-sized pieces for easier search by topic, easier viewing and for an added SEO boost. Each video can be meta-tagged and you can end up with a whole You Tube Brand Channel full of specific & helpful content optimized for SEO.

* Value for Sponsors: Any sponsor will likely be appreciative of both the increased visibility that video can provide as well as some visual proof of how worthwhile their sponsorship may have been. They may also want to share it on their website, blogs, social media, emails and beyond. You can then likely use those same videos to help prospective sponsors see the value as well.

Value for Speakers/Presenters: *Many presenters are appreciative of the additional exposure they can get by sharing their own presentation in the media,  internally at their own company or in their network. For some, this could be the key to gaining their alignment to participate. Future speakers can then better prepare by seeing what your events are all about.

* Value for Attendees:* For attendees, the knowledge that they can review the presentations again after the event will allow them to engage more fully in the event without having to take copious notes. They can also share the content with their boss/peers to show the value of the event. The inclusion of video archives in your ‘event package’ can likely help raise the ticket price or serve as a meaty value-add. It can also help prospective attendees that the event will be worthwhile, essentially acting as a virtual sales-person (that works 24/7 + globally without the need to travel!).

* Extend buzz: *In the days and weeks following the event, video can extend the buzz and keep people engaged, sharing and talking. By releasing different types of content over several days, you can be sure to keep the spark alive.

Video as The Event: Pro tip: You can use video as the actual event. The act of shooting the video is an event by itself that is then documented and can be shared, blogged about, Tweeted and otherwise sent out to the world. Here’s an example of how one of my clients used video as the foundation for a publicity stunt:

*Here are some of the many ways you can post/share video content of  your events: *

  • Your Website
  • Partners/Client Websites
  • Media Outlets
  • *Industry Groups *(LinkedIn, etc)
  • Blogging Community
  • Take-aways *(USB drive, disc)*
  • Blog Content *(Yours, client, partners, etc)
  • Social Media
  • Video Email (Embedded)*

Key Take-aways: In my opinion, some of the best features about video is that it’s high engagement, high excitement content.  It’s also the ideal format for mobile phones, tablets, and social media sharing. It helps remove the element of unfamiliar and makes topics more real. *By leveraging an event and harvesting a handful of content, you can spread the production costs across lots of pieces of content that serve many purposes, which can be useful for months and years to come. In my estimation, event video is about the best bang for your buck when it comes to corporate video production. *

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Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions and I’ll do my best to help answer them.

Good luck!

Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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