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Explaining a Product Visually with High Engagement: What it Takes

Here’s is a great video explaining Google Street view. Check it out, but let me point out a few things first:

  1. It is for a German audience but the concept of what Google street view is easily understandable.
  2. It uses a well-developed concept and mixed-media to tell a travel story in a highly engaging way.
  3. Take a look at this site to see what was involved. You’ll see how many people, time and money it probably took to develop and execute something at this quality level of creative concept and production execution.

Ok, check it out:

What did you think? I find that many clients who don’t do much video production, don’t have a good understanding of what might be involved in making something like this…and how could they?  The finished product can seem easy to produce, but something like this can take dozens of people weeks to create.

Even if you don’t have an agency-sized budget, I think there’s ways that any company can incorporate creative concept development time into their video plans.  I know they say ‘CONTENT is king’, but I think what that really means is that GOOD content is king. GOOD content gets watched, it gets shared, it gets commented on and it gets remembered.  So how do you make sure your content is GOOD?

  1. Make sure that you invest the time and resources to ahead of time.
  2. Work with a talented and experienced  production company to develop the concept. It’s not easy to do because of all the creative, technical and budgetary impacts of every decision. Work with people who do this every day and are good at it.
  3. Make sure you know who your audience is and what they want. What you say might not be as important as how you say it.
  4. Then you can develop the concept of what you are going to produce to engage your audience.
  5. Once engaged, you have their attention and you can use the vehicles of the concept and the story to deliver your message.

With time, talent and clarity of goals, you have a much better chance of giving your project the nurturing needed to develop all the good ideas along the way that will make a difference in the end product.  This might sound obvious, but it really is a powerful point so I’d urge you to soak this one in: A well executed bad idea is probably just as bad as a poorly executed good idea. You have to develop a good video concept and execute it well. Both of these skills involve both experience and talent to do well so you probably want to work with professionals that do this every day and can bring the experience and talent to bear for your video project.

Every product has a story. Every audience wants a good story. Good story-tellers make stories worth listening to (and watching)!

That’s my story but I’d love to hear from you. How do you think it makes sense to engage audiences as you explain your products? What questions do you have?

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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