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Here's why you need video explaining what your company does (If you like to make money)

San Francisco: I love this geeky town. Last week’s Game Developer Conference in San Francisco was really enlightening for a couple reasons:

  • It’s cool to see all the awesome tech that’s out there …and coming soon!
  • It was great to catch up with many friends, partners and clients in the industry!
  • It was strangely affirming to see that even tech-savvy developers can walk right up to a booth and have no idea what that company does…while in some cases, it was made very clear: Witness THE POWER OF VIDEO!

I can’t tell you how many booths there were that neither myself or my knowledgeable developer associates, had no idea of what they did! What a waste of an opportunity for these marketers! Surrounded by developer prospects, who are probably searching for a product or service like yours, if only you had an exciting, simple, engaging way to articulate your core messaging to them, again: Witness THE POWER OF VIDEO!

In fairness, many did have video playing, but it didn’t say, show tell or demonstrate anything really, just footage of games. I suppose that’s better than nothing but it really falls short of what they could have done…for just a little extra effort. Why not tell your story? Why not educate? Why not Communicate? If you ask me (notably, you didn’t) just showing footage alone doesn’t really mean anything…it’s all about the story.  That’s how you engage.

By producing an engaging overview video about your company, you are investing in a ’24/7 information dispersal engine’. The fact that you can craft your message to attract, engage and educate prospects in a minute or less, and have it available to them as a first tier vetting tool seems reason enough to produce a video overview. Every phone call, email, coffee or beer that you and your team spend explaining the overview of your company does, could be replaced by a a well crafted message that answers all the basic questions and concerns someone might have.

One of my favorite clients and a great case study is SWRVE, a measurement tool for online game monetization. By producing several videos, they’ve essentially provided their prospective clients with the tools to understand what they do, who they are and if it may be a good fit to explore further, among other things. Imagine how much time that must save! It also helps them be move visible in searches, on You Tube and more.

It is an upfront cost, frequently in the 5-25K range (depending on length, footage needed, locations, animation, etc) but once you have it, it’s out there working for you, all day every day, on You Tube, emails, your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, mobile, etc….for months, years even. If a thousand qualified prospects (people who searched for your service or product)  were further educated about your company by watching your video, how much time does that save you? What if over time it’s 10,000?…or more?

If you plan it out right you can squeeze multiple pieces of content from one interview or day of shooting, and edit it into multiple pieces, gaining significant savings and creating much more value…and content for your channels like your corporate blog,  You Tube and social media.

The bottom line is that video is the next step for tech companies to take, to engage audiences and share their story. Too many companies are missing out on what this powerful communication tool can do and are relying on inefficient (and boring) old-school marketing and PR tactics to try and engage a geeky web 3.0 crowd.

My advice is that if you have a tech product software, games, something that tech-savvy people are looking for online, and if you have a modern website and are using social media and understand the value of SEO tactics to be visible and relevant online and content marketing, then video (explaining your company’s story, product and services) is the next logical step you should be looking at to grow your business online. Start planning how your company will use video in 2012 and beyond, because I’ll bet you a cookie your competition is.

We’d be happy to help with an initial evaluation of what video can do for your company’s bottom line.

For a free consultation contact me at Digital Accomplice.

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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