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Hipsters Lessons for Video Production

Wow, you seem like an interesting person.

Any hipster worth their weight in home-grown kale will tell you that nothing says “look at me” more than a fancy mustache.  But behind the  thin veneer of ‘hipster cool’ lies a desire to be noticed and a calculated intention to stand out.  The ultimate hipster mission is to be interesting while ultimately worthy of earned curiosity.

In a way, the hipster trend has perfectly illustrated “The Power of Novelty”. If your eye lingers a little longer on that passing unicyclist with a monocle then that’s an engagement win in my book! In a crowd of people – or crowded internet – standing out requires a little something special. It’s about harnessing the Art of Distinction as a tool for engagement.

This lesson applies to video as well.  In order for your video content to stand out, you need to groom your proverbial mustache and don your best bow-tie. Why drink out of a glass, when you can drink out of a mason jar? By creating video content that has an added level of polish, you’ll come across as more engaging.

What this really means is that in order to stand out, companies are going to increasingly need to spend a little extra time and money crafting their own video stories and respecting the increasingly refined tastes of their audience…or pay the price of NOT standing out.

The bar has been raised (and will keep rising) and it’s not going to impress your peers if you just show up by making a video. You’re going to have to start putting yourself into the product and make content that reflects your own unique brand in a positive light.

It won’t be easy but you can always start by hand-knitting your own scarves and pickling your own turnips. If you want to stand out, you need to put in the effort.

(No hipsters were harmed in the production of this blog post. All our hipsters are cage-free and are sustainably harvested).

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