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Hot Uses for Marketing Video (With VIDEO Examples)

Marketers know that online video is HOT, but not as many know how to light a fire for their company. The problem is that video has so many different ways it can be used for marketing and it can be easy to get burned.  Let’s spark some insight on the hottest uses for marketing video.

*Awareness *

One of the more obvious uses for video is to simply ‘show and tell’ the world that your product or service exists! Here’s a teaser trailer we produced for one of our upcoming Apps called “Gigerize”.

Company Overview

The video version of the Swiss Army knife is a company overview video. A 1-3 minute video can go a long way to helping the world get to know your company. Once they like what they see, they can dig further on your website.


Brand Content is a great way to help customers visualize how your product or service can be used.  It also gets past their ‘marketing filter’ and engages them in a story.  Just like a nice suit impresses the ladies, premium content helps position your company as premium.  Cool content = cool product.

Social Media Content

Social Video content gets people excited, engaged and earns comments. A single video can be shared on a Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, a custom You Tube Channel, LinkedIn, Pintrest, blogs and whatever else is about to come next!

Customer Education/Content Marketing

Other than a face-to-face meeting, how else can you better show and tell how your product or service works to your prospects? Video is a great way to help educate prospective or existing clients. By creating the content that answers the questions they are searching for, you can get found online. You should expect to get more leads by being a more relevant and visible expert!

*Corporate Culture Videos *

Video can also help prospective clients, employees and partners get more familiar with you before first contact. It can mitigate the element of the unknown, make a great first impression and help humanize your company and even make you more likable…as if you needed the help!

Event Coverage

Events are a very easy way to harvest content, you’re already doing the event.  Not only can you show the world what your event was like and what happened, but it makes great material to promote the next one!

Holiday Videos

If you’re looking for a meaningful way to reach out to your clients & employees for the holidays, video can be easily shared and make a lasting impression.

Bonus Features

  1. Recycle: Video is also a great way to re-purpose existing content like webinars, slide decks or photos. You’ve already done the hard part, now just pull it all together and share with a whole new audience.
  2. Phone-cam: there’s a time and a place for using your mobile phone camera, you’ll have to decide based on your situation but it’s not something to be afraid of…in fact, I’d be afraid to not use it!
  3. User Generated Content: While not always appropriate, “U.G.C.” is an underutilized marketing tool. By soliciting and curating (free) user created content, you can bolster company-side support resources, boost community engagement and foster real conversation about your company.

I hope these tips help spark interest in harnessing the power of video to heat up your marketing mix.

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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