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How to create video content that stands out

Video has been a great way for companies to stand out in the online marketplace. With the increasing adoption of online video as a business tool, we’re starting to get to the point where just having a video/some video isn’t enough. The bar is being raised. Audiences have more companies than ever clamoring for a piece of their precious time.

In order for your audience to take notice and pay attention to your content, you’ll have to make it worth their while. Here’s a few tips to help you make sure your video content is something that they will care about and pay attention to.

There are 2 categories of stand out content that I see:

Content for the Mind (Interesting) Maybe the visuals aren’t so exciting but if the content is interesting or useful your audience will stick around until they get what they want and/or need.

Content for the Heart (Emotionally Engaging) Maybe it’s beautiful, scary, weird – it triggers an emotion. Really good stories take you on a journey of different emotions.

*The ‘Double-Hooked’ Strategy *It’s much easier and more familiar for companies to just distribute information, but this post is about how to stand out. The big take-away I hope you get is the opportunity I see for business is to use both of these appeals to keep audiences ‘double-hooked’.  This effective strategy intertwines story and concept with informational content. The info is what they need, the emotion what they want.

The Importance of Story It’s usually much more engaging to tell a story that just use video as an info dump. By explaining the ‘before, during and after’ phases of your point and delving into the ‘who, what , when, why, where and hows’, you can provide a basic story structure to keep audiences engaged and waiting to learn what happens next.

The Importance of Concept *Dull is the enemy. In a sea of content, it’s the cool ideas that stand out.   In order to receive your message, people must first pay attention. By finding *an interesting way to tell your story, you can earn your audience’s attention.**

*The Importance of Production Value* By producing high-quality content, you increase your chances of getting noticed and making a good impression on your audience. In a way, a view is like a compliment. By ‘wow-ing’ your audience, you also increase your chances they will share a video.  Have you ever shared a video that you weren’t excited about?**

The Legend of Big Foot One other strategy to stand out in the marketplace is to leave a big footprint. By ‘carpet bombing’ a particular target topic area and flooding You Tube, social media and your blog/website with lots of video content about that subject, you can ‘own’ an area of expertise. For example: if your company makes Kayaks, you could produce a hundred different ‘how to’ videos that cover all the main topics that kayaker might search for. Who’s content will they then find when they search? Yours!*

If you need to communicate anything to your customers, video can be a powerful tool. If done right, it can work wonders and spread through your audience’s social networks quickly – but be careful, If done wrong, it affect your brand’s image.**
Good luck and please let us know if you have any questions, we’re always happy to provide a free consultation.

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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