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How to Get Started with Your Company Video: The Big Picture Video Production Guide

Online video has arrived. The good news is video that can help your business in a variety of ways, but only if you know where to start.  Most companies that I meet with have already recognized an interest in using video and are looking to get started.

The first step I always recommend is to take a step back, look at the big picture and make sure the strategy is right before going into production. Video can be effectively used at each of the phases of the sales cycle and it’s important to know how you will measure success. I believe it’s always better to pick one goal so you can effectively hone in on it and make sure the video is really addressing that goal without sacrificing effectiveness in order to try and serve too many masters.

Once you have established your goal, it’s possible to craft the creative concept and adjust the scope so that you increase the likelihood of reaching that goal. For example: for some videos awareness might be key, for others it may be more about converting website visitors into customers.

After the video concept has been developed (and approved internally), it’s much easier to start determining what the budget should be. Many clients understandably want to know what a video might cost before this phase has been completed, which is similar to asking how much a house will cost before any blue prints have been designed.

Once the budget has been set, it’s possible to determine what technical and creative resources might be available to achieve the look and feel you want.  It’s important to note that everyone usually wants the best quality possible (and most vendors will fight hard to make sure that happens) but there are limits to what can be achieved on a budget. You’ll generally get the best results if you can plan weeks ahead and by knowing exactly what you want before shooting.

Once the shoot is over, video editing will begin. It’s very challenging to for many clients to get a sense for how the finished video might look until they get a rough version of the edit to review. This phase is always a bit tricky because it’s never a good idea to give a client a video that feels really rough and unfinished, it sends the wrong impression, but it’s also generally a bad idea to think that a video might be able to be created without much client weigh in.

We typically edit together a rough version of the video for client review and walk them through it, show them what’s done and what hasn’t yet. At that point, most feedback can be vetted and reworked into the next edit.

Once the editorial feedback has been incorporated, it’s typically just finishing touches from there. In many cases, this could be the final phase. Once the final video has been approved, we typically help get the video posted online correctly and optimized for SEO and metatags. In additional we are able to help promote the video via our extensive social network.

There you go, the short and easy version of how you can get your masterpiece produced. Now you have no excuse.

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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