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How to get the Best Ingredients for Your Video (A Look at Video Asset Options)

The term ‘video‘ can mean a lot of things. Camera footage, graphics, music, sound effects and even text are all possible ingredients that can be combined in endless various combinations. Each asset type has pros & cons. Some assets you may have already, others may be key to success. Let’s take a look how to evaluate each option for your content.

Shoot Footage

Seeing is believing and by showing your company/product/subject in real life, moving, functioning, breathing – nothing can capture that like full motion video.

Stock Video B-roll

If shooting the real thing is hard, stock footage can be a big help. It can bring ideas to life without the time/money/challenges of really shooting custom video yourself.

Shoot Interviews

Interviews are a fantastic way to convey emotion, sincerity and to get to know someone. Nothing like hearing it right from the source. Client testimonials, industry experts, news-makers, eye witnesses, they all carry so much weight in some situations, it’d be hard to beat.

Shoot Scripted

Sometimes it’s important to plan exactly what you want to say. Sticking to a script gives you a lot of control but the challenge can be to keep it engaging. Unless you’re using actors, scripted material can be really stiff. Consider what your audience would pay attention to what you are trying to communicate and engage at the level reasonably required.

Photos from Archive

In many cases, you may already have existing photo assets that could be used in video. If animated with music and voice over, this can be a very effective and cost effective way to communicate with emotion.

Photo Shoot

High quality photos can be more cost effective to get that full motion video. In some cases, that may be all you need.  Being able to decide what to show and how to shoot it can far more helpful than using what you already have.

Stock Photos

Stock photography is plentiful and so you may find what you need. Be cautious though, it can be pretty cheesy and it will rarely be quite right. That said, you can get a lot of visual content very quickly this way.

Voice Over/Narration

Hiring a professional voice actor to read your script can humanize your message far better than text alone. Voice over is a very cost effective way to tell a story with images, moving or still.


Gotta have music, enough said…but sometimes not. If you have training video content, it’s probably nota good fit but in most cases music is a must-have. Sites like Killer Tracks have an ample selection of instrumental/royalty-free production music.

Sound Effects

It’s always like magic to hear the difference that sound effects can add. In most cases, animated graphics without sound effects seem to fall flat without them.


Illustrations can be a great way to make something real, perhaps before it really even is – like concept art or design sketches. The possibilities are literally endless – save the timeline and budget you are working with.


If you are having trouble finding the right assets for your project, using text as a design element can be a life saver. Not only can you communicate ideas clearly, text differs from voice over in that it can also keep your attention visually as you do so.

2D Graphics

If you have access to a good graphic designer, using these elements to animate on screen can be a great way to engage as you communicate. It probably requires heavy animation to make things move around in an interesting way. If your message is hard to show with shot photos or video, graphics can be a great solution.

3D Graphics

For some projects, it may be important to show something in 3D space, perhaps a product or a fly though a location. This can be very helpful but time consuming and expensive to create. That said, because of the ‘alternate reality’ they can portray, this could be the only assets you need.

Captured video from computer

In some cases you may want to capture footage right from a computer desk top. This a great way to show a software product, computer-related process or video game.


No matter what kind of project you have, there’s almost always a new way you can use the above types of assets in a better way to engage, communicate and perhaps even make it easier content to produce. Spend time looking for examples of other’s work, it always gives new inspiration.

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