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How to Get the Most Bang for Your Video Buck

Explode, don’t implode!

Video production is expensive but that spend can be maximized with a little planning. Here’s a little perspective on a subtle but important distinction. OK, let’s look at how you can get the most value out of your video production budget. Who doesn’t want that?!

The way I see it, there’s essentially two strategies for extending the value of your video content:

Better is Better Focus on getting better quality content.

More is More Focus on getting more quantity of content.

It seems like problems tend to arise when you try and do both. If you can commit to one priority, you have a better chance to achieve that goal. So let’s look at how to be successful with both paths so you can choose which one makes the most sense.

Better Content

The main reasons when having premium content makes the most sense are:

  • Getting attention
  • Keeping attention
  • Making a great first impression
  • Announcing a product/company/brand
  • Convincing/overcoming objections

More Content

The reasons for having more content would be:

  • Content tailored to different channels (website, social media, You Tube)
  • Website stickiness
  • Educational/”How to” content
  • Use cases for a product or service
  • A need to have a variety of voices or stories
  • Archives of webinars, presentations, event videos

Tips for when you need better content:

Leave plenty of time for the strategic development of the creative. Good ideas need time to grow, change, evolve. You’ll also have time to find more cost-effective creative solutions.

Find ways to keep production simple so that you can spend more time on getting fewer but better shots. Each shot takes time to set up, maybe you can do it with just one really great one.

Keep it as short as possible, boil down core concepts and language. You’d be surprised what’s possible to communicate visually rather than with words.

Tips for when you need more content:

Try and consolidate production opportunities to shoot lots of content in one day. Getting interviewees together at an event is a great way to save on production travel costs.

Consider what assets you have to work with, graphics, photos, maybe even screen captures from a computer could be used with voice over or music to make passable content.

Create content for each medium in mind. For example, you may find ways to re-use content from an interview that didn’t get used in a main featured video that could be re-cut into longer format full-interviews for You Tube.

Don’t be afraid to use your phone’s camera. iPhone footage can be perfectly acceptable as a news update from a convention floor and shared on Facebook.


Identifying your primary objective and sticking to it well help squeeze all that delicious value out of your project. If you end up trying to do too many things at one, you’re more likely to not do any of them particularly well. I have a helpful way to think about this: One video, one goal.

Hope this little bit of insight helps you achieve your content goals!

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