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How to make your videos more effective: (Make them 'Better'!)

If your goals are to get awareness, make an impact, elicit emotion, increase ‘sharability’ (and what video doesn’t have some of these?!) then part of what you need to achieve is to stand out in the first place. With the glut of video content, ‘standing out’ is the increasingly higher bar that’s been set by free distribution on You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and the latest social media players like Pintrest that keep popping up. More than ever, quality is now an essential component of success with online, social and mobile video.

Here’s a great video that helps underscores the importance of making your videos “better”.

While the concept of this video is very simple, it makes a powerful point about the importance of a clever concept executed well and with “quality”. I was struck by the strong design -both visually and with sound – which helped make the premise very clear: It is the well improved concepts which are valuable. The prioritiy should be on ideas that have been nourished and massaged with creative input over time, evolving the project and elevating the final product to be far more emotionally resonant, meaningful, memorable and sharable.

But what does all this mean for you? Read on for the answers you seek…

If you want your audience of prospective clients to take some sort of action, like visit your website or contact you, then you’ll have to incite them to do so. Video can be an extremely powerful emotional driver of action, but you have to do it right. The usual ingredients are great music, good writing, clever design, snappy timing/editing and an overall dose of ‘goodness polish’ which is a completely nonsensical way to describe attention to detail, creativity and the time needed to perfect minute details that have a cumulative large effect on the impact potential of a video.

But don’t take my word for it! Think about the videos you remember, ones that you shared, stories that made an impression on you. I’ll bet you a donut that they were well developed concepts and/or well executed, in other words, they had something *special *about them. Even an amazing amateur You Tube video usually has a unique hook that was either just fortunate timing or someone actually doing something amazing, interesting, you get the idea, right?

So how can you make sure you’re dialing it it all the way up to ‘awesome’? I think it’s just a mix of talent and resources. If you lack one, to some degree you can back-fill with the other. This assumes of course you have access to a adequate amount of one or both to be successful. This is why it’s typically a good idea to work with an experienced producer who has the knowledge, connections (and hopefully talent) to bring the right resources and talent to bear, in the places where it can make a difference.

I’ve seen some clients that have developed a great concept on their own, but more that haven’t. I’ve also worked with many clients that have a modest budget but have decided to give the project the time it needs for us to find smart ways to tell their story on a tight budget. I think the key really is planning: starting very early, months ahead of a deadline and making sure you have the time to fully bake the plan, before you pull the trigger on determining a production budget. How can you decide how much something will cost, before you know what it is you are producing? Once you know, you can determine a budget that makes sense.

I hope this perspective has been helpful and helps you create more effective video content that truly stands out and makes an impact.

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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