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How to Market a Mobile Application: A voyage of discovery

Digital Accomplice has recently been asked to help create, develop and market the official app for a celebrity (more on that later!) While I’m by no means an expert app marketer, it was my experience in the video game, tech, journalism, marketing and media industries that lead a contact to reach out to us and enlist our informed support. Not only have we been able to help identify the right developer and build that relationship, but we’ve also provided great value by having the holistic media industry knowledge and connections that will surely help my client negotiate the app industry media and blogospheres in their marketing efforts.

The most surprising thing about marketing a mobile app is….

Marketing for the mobile app industry actually works quite differently than the video game industry and by networking here in San Francisco, I’ve learned a great deal very quickly. I’d like to share some key take-aways that will hopefully help steer you in the right direction, or at least out of trouble.

  • The best way to get high sales is by getting featured in the App Store
  • The best way to get into the App Store is to have a grass roots buzz and initial sales boost
  • The best way to get an initial sales boost and buzz is to get your app positively reviewed, mentioned, or otherwise featured in app focused websites, blogs, etc.
  • The best way to get your app reviewed well is to make a great app!
  • If your mobile application isn’t great, or even if it is, the best way to get it looked at to be reviewed, is to produce and provide a video to the reviewer! The people who review apps, have a lot to go through. Once again, video comes to the rescue to potentially help effectively ‘show and tell’ what your app is all about.
  • The best way to produce an engaging video is to work with a talented and experienced video production company that can help craft the message in a way that engages with the viewer and shows your app in the best light.

The trouble is that most app marketing budgets are modest or non-existent, so what’s a developer to do? The best advice I can offer is to search for a talented video producer that can potentially shoot, write, create graphics, edit and do as much as possible in order to stay on whatever video production budget you can pull together.

Armed with an engaging web video that can help cut through the online clutter, it makes sense that a developer will probably stand a better chance of having their app getting noticed. If you made a great app, maybe people will find it by word of mouth, but if you have a video, I’d wager your chances of getting reviews are better.

The app marketplace is changing very fast, I’m still learning, every one is! I’d like to know your thoughts, what’s been your experience?

(Please note, we are not looking for developers or other vendors so please don’t solicit, this forum is for discussion. )

Dane Frederiksen


Digital Accomplice

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