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How to Pump Up Your Video Production Game with the Best B-roll (Tips)

telling a video story with b-roll

Video interviews are among the most frequently used formats in a business context. they are easy to harvest and frequently can provide real value, especially when they are engaging. In addition to covering the topics that are relevant to your audience, spending the effort of adding supporting footage to engage & reinforce key messaging is frequently the difference between awesome content and a boring talking head.

Here’s a look at a few methods you can use when trying to maximize the potential of your video interview content. With a video interview you typically start out with a talking head, not too exciting:tips for creating the best supporting footage for interviews

Once you have a first draft of an edit and are clear on what you want to communicate, you might consider using graphics to draw attention to some of the key messaging points.  tips for video production b-roll

When listing things, graphics can be handy too. For this below example we highlighted the places the interviewee had worked by showing the icons of those organizations. supporting footage b-roll tips for video production

Because humans are such visual animals, it’s helpful to underscore what’s said verbally with a visual representation. It helps your audience absorb and retain the information.

tips for using graphics with video interview footage for engagement

If there are chapters to your messaging, key quotes, facts, etc. you can ‘break them out’ so that they appear different, giving a visual weight and signal that the information is important.

tips for using graphics with video interview footage

In some cases, there may not be a great way to visually show what’s being said. In these situations, just showing the interviewee at work can be more interesting than just the shot of them talking to the camera.

Maybe shoot them walking around the office…tips for creating the great supporting video b-roll

or working at their desk…

several tips for creating the best supporting video b-roll

or having a meeting (even if it’s faked!)

tips for creating the best video production b-roll

You could also show co-workers in the same environment for variety.

tips for creating the best supporting video b-roll

If you just don’t have any chance for graphics or b-roll footage available, you might try buying some stock footage B-roll on a site like

To see what’s possible, here’s a video we did using only stock footage.

I hope these tips give you some ideas of how to spice up your next video interview. It does take some extra time but if it helps increase understanding or engagement for your audience, I’d suspect it’s worth it.

Until next time, here’s a few shots of us capturing the b-roll shots you see above, enjoy!

digital accomplice behind the scenes of video production

digitalaccomplice behind the scenes of video production

digitalaccomplice behind the scenes of vidoe production

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