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How to Show Your Tech Product with Video

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Seeing is believing

For most tech companies, there comes the time to show off your product to the world…finally! Whether it’s a proof of concept product demo, an investor/crowd-funding  video, software walk-through or final product awareness campaign for sales, video is going to be on the menu.  Here’s a few considerations to see that will help you be prepared in the weeks or months before someone decides you need a video fast!

Planning to Plan

Just as with any transaction, the “pick any two rule” exists here so try to give as much lead time as possible as it will yield better quality results at a better price.  Most videos take at least a few days to make, and that’s once you know what you want. As a general rule 3-6 weeks is typically a healthy timeline for a busy team to plan, execute and revise a successful video.

Concept is King

A creative approach to showing your product can grab attention, engage your audience so they don’t click away, paint your product in a positive light (aka: make it cool) and even encourage social sharing and drive purchases. The right concept could also be cost effective to produce, if you give it enough time and get the right creatives involved who have video-creative experience. I’d bet you a latte that every cool video you like has plenty of planning behind it.

Seeing is Believing

If you can afford to wait until your product is finalized, showing your audience how it works and use cases can really help convince and persuade. Consider if the product will actually be ready to be filmed and if you will have extra product to give the video team in time for shooting.  Also, when do you expect any updates to designs to render the first video obselete?

Quality Counts

If your product is web-based or software, you’ll probably want to arrange for need a high resolution capture of the UI. You can shoot video of a screen too but a professional camera with shutter settings that can reduce screen-flicker and moire’ are a game changer.  If you want your video to demo your software, you’ll probably need someone form your team who is able to expertly use the software during a screen capture session.

Test Early and Often

In many situations, you’ll have access to your product for many months and there’s really no reason you cant take an initial stab at scripting, writing and even shooting some test footage with your cell phone or DSLR.  Pablo Picasso has a great quote that applies:* “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”*  In other words, by working with material, a script, camera, editing software, the ideas begin to flow by trying things. There’s no reason key insights can’t come from your team and then be shared with a professional video production team to add the next level of polish to the core ideas you’ve explored.

I hope these tips help set you and your product up to impress the world!

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