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How to Tell Your Company’s Story with Video

how to tell your company's story

If you’re planning on using video to communicate your message to the world, you have a lot of options! Here’s a look at the considerations of how to go about telling your company’s story.

1) Start with the goal

* *Many video projects seem to get underway without a clear objective.  To the extent you have a clear goal is to the extent you can hope to be successful.  For example, do you want to increase awareness, drive sales, recruit, train customers how to use your product, etc?

 *2) Know your audience*

It’s also key to know whom you are targeting and what makes them tick. What is your audience likely to already know about your topic & what objections might they have? It may be helpful to sketch out a profile for your audience is:  career level, age, sex, geography, etc.

3) What to say?

* *You’ll want to consider the ‘who, what, when, why, where and how’s” surrounding your topic.  Make sure they have the main points covered. Imagine if you told them everything about your product except why they may want it or how to buy it!

Shorter video is almost always better for the viewer so you’ll have to really consider how deep to go. Most topics can be covered initially in 30 seconds or so and in these short-attention-span times, 3 minutes is a bit too long for most video content. I tend to target 90 seconds range as a nice overview length. If you want to go deeper, consider producing more pieces of content in each specific area.

There are many ways to communicate with the spoken word in video.  Depending on the audience, you might want to consider these options:

  • Interviews:  The format of interviews can be more authentic and comfortable way to get information from people on video.  Interviews are usually conducted so the subject is looking at the interviewer, not the camera.
  • To-camera: Sometimes speaking directly into the camera can create a sense of directness/intimacy.
  • Voice-over: Consider using a voice actor or a company representative to read a script a voice over. This gives you the chance to craft a word-for-word scripted message, perhaps at the cost of authenticity. Professional voice-actors can really make a script feel alive, it’s an art.
  • The voice: Depending on the goals, it might make sense to have different voices do the talking: your company employees, existing customers, the ‘man-on-the-street’, partners, etc.

4) What to show?

* *There’s an adage in video production: ‘if you say it, show it’.  The trick frequently is in what and how to show what you are saying.

Literally?! You might elect to show the literal example of the things you are discussing. Alternately, it might make sense to see people’s faces as they cover the topic so your audience can pick up on the rich power of non-verbal signals they are communicating with their expression and body language.

Metaphors are like stories:  *In video,like any visual art, the possibilities for how you choose to show something are many. The metaphor or symbol of what you show can be created as an illustration, graphics, video footage like b-roll and more.  *The easy thing to do is keep it literal, the engaging thing to do, is to make it interesting, make it fun, make it meaningful.

The video medium is a powerful way to drive home your message.  By combining the right sounds with the right visuals, you can tend to engage and impact your audience in a way that you want. All it takes is a combination of experience, talent, tools and time so lining up all those resources is important.  There are many ways to tell any story & the potential to do it well is always there.

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