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The video production process: Add color to your Brand Content

The video production process remains a mystery to many companies. Sure, they want to use brand content to engage with their potential customers but don’t know how to proceed. Whether it be web video, video emailing, trade show videos – video is an engaging medium and can help your business grow, but you have to work with talented and experienced video production company to make stand out content to bring your brand narrative to life in style.

One of our clients, Hanley Wood, recently approached us to produce a ‘brand content’ video for Sherwin Williams. Now while paint may not come to mind when you think of engaging brand content, watch this video we produced and see if you aren’t just a little excited about redecorating your home!

Our video production process was simple…

First, find someone interesting doing something interesting with your product and make an interesting video about it! The video production cost is actually very cost effective when you look at the engagement level that brand content offers. For equipment, we used 2 DSLR cameras and high-quality microphone. By using 2 cameras, we got 2 angles to edit with, making it far more engaging. We also made sure to get lots of angles of what we were discussing, in this case, the redecorated space. Not the most complicated video ever, but I think it’s a great way to grab people’s attention and get them excited about paint, imagine that!

Web video gets people emotionally engaged, they are more likely to want to share, comment and in a way, it make your product and company more real.

If you’re ready to take the next step, here’s my 3 take-aways:

  • Identify what about your product or service gets people emotionally engaged, excited, passionate.
  • Try and find someone doing something interesting with your product. Your audience is busy too, make em’ care!
  • Find a talented and experienced video production company that has the skills to find the right way to tell your story for your budget.

I hope these tips and insight help you start an engaging brand narrative with your audience!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Digital Accomplice. Please subscribe on You Tube follow me on Twitter @DrDane.

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