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How to use video blogging to grow your business

Video blogging. Does that sound hard or easy? Trick question: it’s both.  It’s actually very easy to point a camera and start shooting…but, what should you say? Hopefully, you’ll be thinking about what extra footage to show besides a talking head and what music to keep your audience’s attention and engagement high too. Once you get down into it, video production really is a craft and to create stand-out content you have to throw some effort and skill at it.

Here’s one company (REEL SEO) I think is doing a great job of putting helpful, regular video blog content out there:

Now, this isn’t my idea of super-polished premium content, however, it is a great example of regular, targeted, useful content that has some degree of engagement …in other words, they tried to make it fun AND informative. As an audience member, I appreciate the effort and the knowledge they are sharing, they earned my view & my comment. Me ‘like’.

Here’s my tips on how you can use video blogging to engage/grow your audience and therefore grow your business:

  • Make a list of things your audience wants to know more about
  • Find a talented producer who can help consolidate those ideas and produce a video which demonstrates your points
  • Plan a video shoot day in which you can shoot many short blog videos
  • Have your producer edit them down to be nice and short/tight
  • Post them on a weekly basis (optimize your You Tube posts with keywords and links!)
  • Tweet, share and distribute your posts via social media
  • Rinse, repeat

I hope these tips help your business grow! Please share this post in your network and feel free to contact me with any questions: dane@digitalaccomplice.

Special thanks to REEL SEO for making tons of helpful and fun video content for Marketers!

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