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How to use Video to Recruit Top Talent (VIDEO Example)

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With recent news that 87% of tech companies are looking to hire in 2013, it’s understandable that many companies are struggling to attract top-level talent for their business. In order to differentiate themselves, firms are finding that recruitment videos are one of the most effective ways to emotionally connect with candidates and give them an inside look at their vibrant business culture. In this post, we’ll explore how recruitment videos can be the solution to hiring high-demand leaders and securing the future of your company.

Webmarketing123, a digital marketing agency in the San Francisco Bay Area, is one of our clients that fights to attract talent in a robust job market. The Bay Area presents a tough hiring issue for many businesses: there are plenty of intelligent, experienced, and driven professionals who have graduated from world-renowned universities, but there are a large number of great companies like Facebook, Google, Cisco and other hot tech firms who offer outstanding benefits and compensation packages to steal those candidates away. How can businesses set themselves apart?

One answer is recruitment videos. Companies like Webmarketing123 are able to level the playing field, through video, to give candidates an inside look at their vibrant work culture. Recruitment videos allow your employees to speak virtually to candidates, establishing a personal connection with job searchers earlier on in their job hunt. Our clients have affirmed that these humanizing connections can be a strong differentiator for candidates who are deciding between otherwise faceless and impersonal corporate brands.

We spoke to a recent Webmarketing123 hire that had this to say about her decision to join their team:

“Before interviewing with a new company, there’s always that unnerving feeling of unknown expectations. As a candidate, you pray that you’ll be a good fit for the company, but it more often feels like the luck of the draw. After watching the recruiting video (for Webmarketing123), I felt as though I got a sense for what the company was really like behind closed doors, behind the little you see as an interview candidate or as a client. It humanized the company, and by seeing the personalities of those I would potentially work with, it gave me more confidence to share my own.”

In the past few months since the completion of the recruitment video, Webmarketing123 has been able to add several senior level members to their staff. What do you think? Could video help attract the next generation of leaders for your business?

To help get a sense of what your company could do with video, check out the video we created for Webmarketing123:

As you can see, video helps make the viewer more familiar with the company, give prospects a glimpse behind the curtains and humanize your organization. When done right, video can effectively communicate a company’s ‘feel’ in an easily sharable and consistent format. In fact, it’s hard to imagine any prospective employee NOT wanting to view a video about the companies they are applying to. With explosion in online content, I would expect it would be one of the first things they would be looking for when researching online and one of the things that could really set a company apart from the pack.

Want to learn more about using video to for recruitment? Download our free Online Video Marketing Guide: Learn How to Promote your Business with Video (Free Download)

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions and I’ll do my best to help answer them.

Good luck!

Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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