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How Video Can Help Humanize Your Brand

Most companies go to great lengths to put up a polished corporate visage to the world. A professional website, impressive business cards and, if you think about it, this mentality extends all the way to why execs wear a suit to work and want to drive a BMW, we feel like we need to look successful, which is true. But yet, something can get lost in all the dress-up and posturing polish: humanity.

For many industries, the trust factor is key to landing new business and helping your clients get to know who you are and what you are all about. With ‘meet the team’ and client testimonial style videos you can quickly begin to remove uncertainty and doubt from the equation and even become likable, a key to closing sales.

Here’s a great example of a recent video we did for one of our Marketing, Social Media and SEO partners that helps humanize their brand:

The human element is so easily forgotten in our professional lives, we’ve had it beaten out of us by the corporate machine. But times are a-changing, technology and social media have made transparency a key corporate value that consumers look for, or at the very least, can cause a stench when absent.
For some newer companies, and probably even some larger companies too, the de-humanization of their brand is a huge turn-off for many customers, existing and prospects alike. The need to appear trustworthy, authentic and human is the key to gaining new business. A video can change all that, in just one minute, a client can start to feel like they ‘get you’ and the elements of the unknown and distrust can melt away.
Many of our clients come to us to help them tell their story in an authentic, documentary-style, humanized way. Of course they want it to be polished, high-quality and represent the brand well, but we believe that the message and tone of whatever story we decide to tell should convey the sincerity of the staff and clients – as well as their belief in the product and the company.
With a video, if our client’s don’t believe in what they are selling, neither will their prospects. It will be clear on their faces, in their words. For this reason we only align ourselves with clients and products that we believe are providing a valuable service that helps improve people’s lives and make the world a better place. We feel that if you truly believe in your company and product, you can tell your story with confidence and it will come shining through….and help your business grow.

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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