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Make Your Recruitment Video NOT Suck

recruitment video tipsSeeing is believing

It’s a competitive market out there now and recruiting top talent is getting harder…again. One might wonder how any serious larger recruitment campaign wouldn’t include video. But why?

Video is simply the most cost-&-time-effective way for prospective employees to get a sense of your company.  To me, the real goal should be to remove barriers in attracting prospects. That’s the goal but the truth is a little scary: If you screw it up, you may be creating barriers to getting the rockstar employees you’re dreaming of.

Here’s a few tips to help you put together a recruitment video that helps you rather than hurts you.  *First, check out this recent recruitment video we did for TubeMogul. I think it’s a good example of the tips below.

#1: Just Try

Video is a representation of your brand. Just as important as your website, the clothes you wear to work and your behavior. If your recruitment video looks amateur, shaky cam, has poor lighting or sound, you are basically broadcasting loudly to your prospects that you aren’t taking it seriously…and what conclusions should they draw from that?!

#2 Engagement

If your video is dull, that , uh, probably doesn’t help. They may stop watching or even worse, decide your company is a dud. Think of it as a conversation: exciting conversations keep people interested. Now’s the time to show off what’s truly interesting about your company. To further boost engagement, try using interesting camera moves, angles, creative set ups for* how* you show things like time-lapse or slow motion. *(Re-watch the Tube Mogul recruitment example  

#3 Control vs Authenticity

There’s always a temptation to script out exactly what your people should say, and you can, but the risk is that it sounds scripted and fake. The opposite route is to just let people talk, which can get very long-winded, especially with marketing peeps & engineers! I like to give a talking point and let the interviewee try a few times to say something very concise about that point. Get them to be enthusiastic but real. It may take a few tries but it’s the best way.

#4 Loosen Up

Video cameras and lights and scripts can make for some very uncomfortable people. It’s just not something most of us are used to. Try and find people on your team that will be comfortable on camera, ideally find the most photogenic and well spoken. If those are in short supply, try a longer interview that gives up front time to just chat and warm up before you get into the real questions.

Pro tip: If it’s just not possible to get suitable people on camera, you may want to consider voice over or text on screen but that can also seem like hiding and in a way not fair to the people who want to meet the team.

#5 Shine a Light

Try to give a sense of possibility & growth. Everyone loves to be a part of growth, success & fun. This is probably not the place to bore them with your mission statement but if you can give them a sense of where the company is headed it can be very inspiring to hungry go getters.

#6 Seeing is Believing

For prospects, this is s chance to ‘meet’ your future co-workers. This is an easy way to see what your offices look like. Don’t make the mistake of not showing enough. If they can get a clear sense that they have virtually toured your office, they can be more comfortable taking the next step.

Pro tip: If you have an unattractive space, try using interesting angles, nice lighting, maybe show off site activities, meetings at a coffee shop, lunch breaks. etc.

#7 Always Leave ’em Wanting More

Shorter is usually better, typically around 1-3 minutes. They just need a taste. Get them interested and curious and then cut it short. If they are interested in exploring further, I’d say your video was a success!


It’s impossible to know what it will really be like at a new job until you start. Because of this lack of clarity in the decision, prospects are looking across many criteria. If you give them a sense of how your company really is, you’ll help them remove questions and ambiguity, making that next dream-hire several steps closer to being a reality. Your company should be yourself, just make sure put your best foot forward and show off your best self.

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