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Marketing Content Creation Tips for 2012

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And so 2011 came to an end… It was year #1 for Digital Accomplice and we are excited for all the great things coming. We just sealed our third (and probably final) App Marketing partnership deal of December and can’t wait to heat up our video and social media strategies in January! You’re probably getting ready to party or chillax for NYE soon and trying to wrap things up so we want to give you 3 (hopefully inspiring) tips for creating great marketing content.

Hopefully these will get you thinking and next week, once you’re back in the office and ready to spread the word about your product or company, you’ll have some creative ammunition loaded. OK, here they are, numero uno:

  1. Start out with a bang. Grab your audience’s attention. Make a bold statement, ask a question. (some people hate starting with a question, I don’t) Maybe say something definitive, surprising, maybe even titillating.
  2. This one’s paraphrased from an interview with Ira Glass of “This American Life “ and I really think it’s key: Tell a story. Tell your audience that something happened, then this happened, then this other thing * happened, then *we did this instead, etc. The format tends to keeps people engaged, they just want to know what happens next.
  3. Our attention spans are shorter than ever before. Keep it simple. (that’s why I chose 3 tips not 10) Before you blog, tweet, shoot video or post anything: try and find a way to tighten it up. Pro tip: always ask yourself “does my audience really care about what I’m saying”, if the answer is no, then ditch it.

    There you have it, 3 very essential, often-overlooked content creation tips (that I use every day). I hope they help you start out the new year with a bang and keep your audience’s eyeballs happy.

Happy New Year and a special thanks to all our clients, partners, friends and family who helped make 2011 our best year yet!

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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