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Mobile App Marketing (Digital Accomplice is Donating a Free Application Promotion Video)

Digital Accomplice

Mobile Application Promotion and Marketing is a major concern for developers and publishers. For many developers, after spending time and money, there’s no sure fire way to get your app in front of the right people who can help boost sales and start a chain reaction of social media sharing and positive referrals.

Last week we ran a poll asking what concerns you might have about getting your app marketed.

The poll results showed …

The biggest concern was how to successfully market the app. Now that Digital Accomplice has a high profile app in the making, we too are very interested in learning all we can about best practices in this dynamic and fast changing marketplace.

In order to test our theory that video production is still the most powerful tool available to augment your app publishing strategy, we’re offering up a free app promotional video demo to a San Francisco Bay Area based developer. We will select one developer to receive a charitable donation of one complimentary app demo that will be produced by Digital Accomplice. Some restrictions will apply (please contact us for details) but the type of video we’d like to test is a documentary style video that shows the developers and the app in an honest but positive light and really helps a potential reviewer understand what the app is all about. A great example is the video we just produced for

If you’d like to throw your app in the ring, please contact us ONE TIME via our online contact form and explain why your app is a great candidate and what your marketing plan is or problems have been so far.

This is all new stuff and changing fast. We look forward to helping test our theory on your app, what have you got to loose?!

Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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