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Mobile App Marketing Video Production: Exploring App Marketing with Video

Mobile application marketing is both new and fast growing. Gone are the days where you can just launch an app and expect it to get noticed and sell. For all you app developers and marketers: If you just finished developing your app, congratulations! That’s a big first step. But many developers and marketers still don’t have a solid plan for getting their app in front of (and sold to) a large audience. So what to do? I’ll give you a hint, watch this video:

For San Francisco Bay Area Marketers, the good news is….

App marketing has many similarities to promoting video games and many of the strategies and tactics from video game marketing still apply. With companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Zynga and more, the San Francisco Bay Area is a great place to focus your marketing efforts. By working with a local marketing team, you are getting access to their local personal connections. Once you have selected your marketing team, you’ll want to plan out a campaign of steady buzz and info/asset releases to media outlets. The big difference with mobile app marketing is that the development playing field has been leveled, which is both good and bad. Now anyone can develop and app or a video game and bring it to market, which is great, but has a similar flooding effect on the market that You Tube did for video. It’s not enough to make an app, it now has to be stand out.

Your main goal should probably be to get some exposure early and start building an audience, without tipping your hand to the entire development community. You can start with an engaging and exciting teaser trailer that gets attention and ideally, subscribers to your Twitter feed, Facebook page and an email newsletter list on your app website.

Once you announce to the world what your app is, you’ll want to get the attention of the tech bloggers and the app review community, who usually have about a billion other stories they could focus on. If you caught the hint, the best way to get the attention of busy app reviewers seems to be providing them with a video that quickly and clearly tells the story of your app. If they ‘get it’, and like it, they might just review it and the magic of ‘word of mouth’ referrals and social media should take it from there.

At this point you might be asking yourself what type of video? Maybe a real-world demo (like our Siri-blending friend above) is more appropriate. For example, if you developed a mobile facial manipulation app, it might make sense to shoot a live-action video showing a person getting their picture taken by an iPad, iPhone or Android device and then use the magic of video editing to cut in some footage from the app that shows the software process and result. Even if your app isn’t a face-changing app, it may be helpful to show customers how the app is used by a person, not just in-app footage.

It’s important to make sure you don’t go too deep into what your app is all about, keep it high level. Developers are deeply familiar and probably in love with their app-baby that they brought into the world. You have to keep it high level and focus on one thing: what do you want them to take-away? It’s not so easy to boil down a complex app into a 15-30 second trailer so I’d urge you to work with a professional video producer who has experience scripting for video. A video script is far tighter than a natural conversation and most demos that occur in person are painful to watch in real time in video format.

One of my favorite solutions is ‘the shotgun approach': create several videos that can address different levels of familiarity with your app, for example, maybe one high level trailer, or a couple, and then maybe a handful of short videos that focus on an individual feature in each one. Not only will this help your viewers select exactly what they are interested in, it can give you more ammunition to populate a You Tube channel, Facebook, Tweets, etc. It will help keep your outreach fresh and even help with search engine optimization (SEO). By having regularly released content, you are demonstrating to the Google search engine that your site is more relevant and it will therefore rank higher, organically!

So there you have it, a few suggestions and insights on how to get your app in front of a bigger audience and boost your app sales for very little relative investment! No matter what strategy you decide to go with, I’d just like to point out that there really isn’t a better way to ‘show and tell’ a global audience what your app is all about than by using video.

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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