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Pinterest and Video: How to add your videos to Pinterest (and increase engagement!)

Now that Pinterest has gotten everyone’s attention, you’re probably trying to learn what you need to about how you might use Pintrest as part of your company’s social media strategy. There’s an increasing amount of talk and buzz out there about this (and I’ve only just discovered it) so I’ll mostly stick to the video features.
But first …

I thought I’d just to clarify the high level points you need to know:

1) Pinterest (pronounced like ‘interest’) is a website where you can post or share images and comment on them. It’s similar to Facebook in many ways but it’s much more public rather than friend-based and more focused on topics and content than relationships.
2) It’s been around for awhile but is going supernova in the past few months and is white hot on the social media and SEO scenes due to it’s explosive growth and visibility in the past few months.
3) Who uses it? A year ago? Moms, the arts and crafts crowd, photo buffs, etc. But now? Everyone. But, it’s not just for photos of hairstyles, dresses and cupcakes anymore!
4) So this is the interesting opportunity to me: did you know you can add your videos too?!

The fact that Pinterest has grown so fast and there are so many eyeballs there now is, for me, good enough reason to have a presence in that space, any presence (otherwise you’re invisible). The fact that people haven’t, by en large, seem to have caught on that you can post/link/embed your brand’s videos there too seems like a great opportunity. While most of the content is (and may remain) photos means to me that video should really stand out. There is plenty of video content there now, but nobody that I’ve discussed Pinterest with (since becoming aware of it a couple weeks ago) knew that ANY video was even there…so the caveat being this is just my hypothesis for now.

So, do you really need to go out jump on the bandwagon and sign up today and start post your video content on Pinterest?

Maybe not. Of course there’s always You Tube for your brand’s videos, so maybe that’s all you need or care to do. But I think that if your videos are on You Tube already, why not also make them available to Pinterest’s enthusiastic, engaged and gigantic growing audience? It doesn’t take them off You Tube or anything, they will simply be two ways to find the content, and your brand. It took us just a few hours to create a decent presence, which we’ll be improving as we go.

If you are ready to get cracking and start posting video content on Pinterest, here’s how:

This assumes you’ve set up an account and at least one ‘Board': click here to get started.

To add a Video Pin:

  1. Press the ‘Add +’ button at the top of the page
  2. Select ‘Add a Pin’ for a You Tube link (or you can upload your own videos at this step)
  3. Enter the URL of the You Tube or other video link
  4. Click the “Find Images” button (which kinda don’t make sense for this usage)
  5. Then select which of your ‘Boards’ to Pin it to
  6. Then click “Pin It”

It’s that easy! Hope that helps.

We’re in the process of still learning how we want to use Pinterest and optimizing for SEO and online visibility for prospective clients, partners, etc. so more to come. For now, even though it’s one more social network to manage, we’re just excited to see where Pinterest takes us from here!

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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