Recruitment Videos

Want to talk to tech talent?

Go beyond “hello, world.” Video doesn’t just showcase your company’s culture and mission – it can help you find the best talent.

With recruitment videos, your potential hires might hear from the CEO, get a taste of the culture, and see the work with their own eyes – all before pressing “Send” on their application. Accessible, engaging video helps applicants understand exactly who you are and what you do, drawing more of the right people.

  • A high return on recruiting investment. Recruitment videos are a one-time investment that continues to work for you, helping applicants determine their fit – and saving you money on flying in the wrong people.
  • Behind the scenes insight. Show applicants what it’s really like at your company with interviews and on-the-ground tours, sharing perks and a look at daily life. Video helps candidates get the inside scoop straight from their future colleagues.
  • Documentary perspective. Our documentary journalism experience helps us find the story in your company and culture, highlighting what matters to current and prospective team members.