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Silicon Valley Video Production Tips: Marketing Tech/Geek Products with Video

Silicon Valley is overflowing with companies trying to tell the world about their great ideas. Granted, not every idea is as solid as “Laser-Bears”, it seems there’s room for others as well. But, it’s a crowded marketplace and very noisy. There’s a few issues that stand out where video can help:

  1. Getting Noticed
  2. Building Trust
  3. Understanding the Products
  4. Creating Demand

    In this post, I’ll explore each of these…

Getting Noticed

The internet is a crowded place, and noisy. We have built up a tolerance to being marketed to. Video can cut through that noise and grab attention. We know video is easy to consume – videos get watched, not read.  By engaging the senses with images and sound, music and emotion, you have a better chance of getting noticed.

Building Trust

Many new tech products have the challenge of coming across as legitimate. By showing and telling how your products benefits the audience, you can help them believe it. To make the point: Telling someone that your meal tastes good is not the same as them tasting it.

Understanding the Products

As technology opens more doors for Silicon Valley companies, we’ll all need to learn as we go. We all need to be educated about new things: the internet, Facebook, robotic assistants, these are things that we have to adopt. Video is a great way to tell the story of what a new product is all about in a very short way. Consider your options, how else might you explain your product for those unfamiliar?

Creating Demand

When new products, software and services are disruptive or provide a benefit in an area that’s new, the challenge can be making people want or need it. Video is a great way to build that hunger so that it’s big enough that they need to take action.

As technological innovation accelerates, I believe the need to communicate all the new products and serves that pop up will likely only grow. I’d expect that video production capability will be not only be more valuable, but an essential communication tool for helping people understand new products…even something as obviously valuable as Laser Bears.

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Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions and I’ll do my best to help answer them.

Good luck!

Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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