Social Media and Viral Videos

An awesome machine for social.

Video is an engaging type of content for social media, easy to digest and share. We can scale to produce any type of video you need, telling the story of your brand with a social media audience in mind.

The relative youth of social media means opportunity for innovators to write the rulebook. Digital Accomplice lives and breathes in the social media space – our creative approach helps clients communicate a personality, add value to conversations, and increase engagement.

  • Run content through the awesome machine. On social media, video content could mean live action, animation, graphic design in motion, photos with music or voiceover, or something totally different.
  • Cost-effectively create value. Our marketing and video savvy extends brand personality in the social media space. Content you’re already creating can be reused to dramatically extend its value.
  • Leverage social video ads. Our partnership with TubeMobile helps you create custom video ad campaigns with powerful analytics.