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Social Video is the new Viral Video

‘Social Video’ is a relatively new term that’s popped up that I think every marketer should be aware of. Social Video is video produced for use in social media. While a social video could become a viral video, that is sort of missing the point. The term viral video is used when video gets shared widely but indiscriminately…yep, you guessed it, like this guy…

Very funny, awesome video.  I’ve seen it many times. I’m impressed…but I still don’t buy Old Spice.

The goal of social video…

Is not to get bazillions of views, but to get the right views. Targeted views, within the relevant social networks of your target audience. Soccer moms are friends with other soccer moms on Facebook, the same pairings obviously go for teens, ‘tweens and CEO’s.

The power of Social Media Marketing is that you can engage *the right audiences *and, as part of your Relationship, share relevant content with them. Friends in the same circles share similar value systems and the style and types of content that resonate are more likely to resonate with other members of that peer group.

I think the real Social Video opportunity is to create content that resonates with and engages specific target demographics and audiences, in their own ‘sub-cultural language’. In other words, CEOs and snowboarding teens probably want different types of content.  Something that you think is a very interesting or funny video wont resonate with others. If you try and and set out and make a viral video, the content would have to resonate with many audience types. In addition, viral videos are rarely branded content, if they are, it’s lightning in a bottle and there are thousands of failures behind every Old Spice Guy.

I say don’t try and get views, set out to engage the right audience, in the right social media channels. Maybe that’s Facebook, maybe it’s LinkedIn.Have the conversation, ask them what they want, what they think….and then you’ll know what they want and can give them video around that topic.

I’ve said it before but it’s worth saying again: Videos go viral, not text! Video seems to be an inherently emotional and social medium, especially when paired with social media and mobile. This is when people spend time, on their phone, sharing. Heck, why wouldn’t you want to give them emotionally engaging branded content that was share-worthy?!

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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