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Tech Industry Video Interviews: The Pros and Cons

the pros and cons of tech industry interviews

The power of interviews can be a game-changer in a tech industry video. With new products, trust is a key issue.  Imagine a new tech product that is celebrated by dozens of happy customers in a video. Building that credibility is what interviews can do well that can’t really be done another way in video. If you think about it, that’s basically what Yelp is all about: a chorus on objective voices offering their informed opinions.  Great interviews can establish your brand as trustworthy, compelling and worth exploring.

Seeing is believing

It’s really hard to hide how you feel about something. Human beings pick up on non-verbal communication clues. You know that sense you get when you feel someone isn’t quite being authentic? That’s your subconscious picking up on facial changes from a speaker. If you didn’t have that input, you might not catch it. Interviews reveal the truth, for better or worse.

Not always easy

Some make it look easy, being on camera is harder for some. When we show up with the cameras and lights, some people start grumbling. Having a camera and lights in your face can really make people nervous and they can have trouble speaking clearly. Some interviews can even end up being unusable.

Can be cost effective

One pro about video interviews is that the cost of production can be a very cost effective way to harvest effective content. If you can get several people at an event or during an on-site company visit, perhaps that content can be made into several individual videos. If the interviewees are spread out across country or world, the costs of gathering all those interviews can mount quickly.

Who to Interview?

Depending on the goal of your videos, there will be different ideal parties to be interviewed, here’s a few options you should explore:

*1) Company Representatives: *These can be easier to get, but for some issues (for example,  regarding product quality) they don’t have the same credibility as a customer.  The flip side is they are typically ideal to tell your company story and many will be confident and engaging to watch.

*2) Industry Experts: *Journalists, educators and researchers will frequently have the credibility of an outsider as well as an expert. In many cases, they are the ideal candidates to talk of industry trends, statistics and provide a gravitas your brand may benefit from.

*3) Partners: *Other companies with established credibility can bolster yours.  Also, using a partner may combine the credibility benefits of the industry expert with some of the gentle treatment that might be needed in delicate situations.

*4) Customers: *The gold standard in interviews. What could be more powerful than an enthusiastic, believable happy customer? Lots of them! It’s best when you let them use their own words so it remains authentic.  The con might be that because your product is so new, you might not have any customers yet!

*5) Man-on-street: *In some cases, just asking ‘Joe Public’ what they think can be helpful. Asking opinions about issues surrounding your product may carry enough weight to make an impact. The catch is that it can be hard to find good people on camera or to get busy/shy strangers to stop and take a moment to be on camera and sign a release form. Sometimes cash can help.  Getting the right permits to interview in a busy place may just be worth it.

If your product is still in development and you don’t have a good interview option, you might want to explore using motion graphics instead. Interviews aren’t always a good fit, especially when complex and/or boring things need explaining.  If you are intending to use interviews at some point, start asking around early, getting date son a calendar can frequently be the hardest part.

I hope these tips help your interviews make a difference!

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