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The Best Product Demo Videos (How To Do Demo Videos Right)

Product demo videos are fast becoming as essential as websites, but in the crowded online space, how do you stand out, engage your audience long enough to tell your story? It’s a real problem for many companies so I wanted to give you some key take-aways from a few of the best product demo videos I know.  The lens in which I now view product demo videos is with the insight gained from Simon Sinek’s somewhat famous Ted talk on effective communication: The core idea is: in order to effectively communicate, focus on “The WHY”. (The core idea is at 1:20-3:16 in the video).

It is with this idea of focusing on “the Why” that the fist example rises so clearly to the top, and that it’s both funny and seems do-able: I present, Dollar Shave Club, hit it Mike:

*The take-away: *Engaged the audience with clever concepts and writing, clearly explained what it is and WHY you care. Professionally produced but on company location and with employees to save money.

Next up….

Sales Force:

*The take-away: * Clear message with professionally produced high-end motion graphics that explain the new and relatively complex marketplace & value proposition in a way anyone can understand.

Then there’s this “day-in-the-life” adventure with *Spotify *

*The take-away: * This video uses a combination of live video and motion graphics to explain concepts but also to keep it grounded in the real world with a “point of view camera” and music that changes on “your” journey so that viewers can identify with how they might use the iPad version of Spotify.

And wrapping up my list is the “Chairs” video from Facebook, which uses metaphor to explain “The Why”.

*The take-away: * You could argue that this isn’t a product video, but I’d disagree. Even though it doesn’t focus on the product, it helps demonstrate the value of the product on that higher plane of “Why”. I haven’t looked at Facebook the same way since and appreciate what I get out of the experience in a deeper way as well. I would think that any company would hope that their customers would fully appreciate the full value of WHY they use their product as well.

I hope these examples help you shape your plans for your product demo video.

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Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions and I’ll do my best to help answer them.

Good luck!

Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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