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The Engagement Power of Video

Video is an amazingly powerful tool to engage audiences, if used correctly. Just like the written word can stir the soul and conjure emotions, moving images and sound are just as powerful, and I would argue even more powerful. But just as you can’t expect an IRS form to engage audiences, you can’t expect a boring talking head interview to grab them emotionally. While on a video production in Switzerland the other day, I grabbed a little extra footage, some photos and edited them together with some music in my hotel room to help illustrate how powerful imagery and sound can be, check it out:

Did you notice….

Even though there was no interview or spoken words, you still get a sense of place and a mood. Imagine if there were a few short clips of an interview inter-cut into the footage and you can hopefully imagine what impact they might have WITH the music and footage of Zurich, rather than alone.

Interviews are a great way to generate relevant content from the experts, news makers or official representatives of a certain group or topic. But by themselves, most interviews aren’t exactly jaw dropping. If the interviewee is really interesting or the topic is amazing, it can really grab the audience, but even then, the addition of extra footage or music can add a big punch.

What I suggest is to try and add some local flavor to your interviews, footage of the place where the interview is taking place or preferably of what is being discussed. With the right music to set the tone, your videos will have a lot higher engagement potential: people will probably watch longer, listen and relate to what is being said.

I hope this helps you create more engaging video content.

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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