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The Many Flavors of Video: A Taste-Test. Yum!

Taste the magic of video!

The term “video” actually has a lot of meanings. That’s good because this wide variety means video can be used in many ways to tell your company’s story. (Yeah!) In this post I’ll share some of these ways, with examples. OK, lets get into it!

Your video content can use any combination of:

  • Camera footage
  • Graphics
  • Music
  • Voice
  • Text
  • Captured footage - direct feed from computer or video game system

Here are some of the ways that these elements can be combined to communicate. Each of these ways has pros & cons which I will briefly touch. First up…

1. Live events

Pros: Capture the magic and expertise present a live industry event. Can save planning time since it’s already happening.

Cons: Can be difficult, intrusive and expensive to do right.

2. Interviews

Pros: Authoritative, intimate/natural, can provide big boost to trust by non-verbal communication. Seeing is believing.

Cons: Some people don’t want to be on camera, interviewees may be in scattered locations and there may be ‘quality of interview’ concerns. Hard to make concise and pick exactly what’s said without feeling forced.

3. Interviews with music and supporting b-roll footage

Pros: Adding music and supporting footage to interviews boost engagement and can illustrate key points visually. It can also help an editor shorten an interview greatly.

Cons: Can be more expensive and time-consuming. Finding/creating and getting access to get the additional footage can be hard to pull off with quality.

4. Scripted and on-camera

Pros: To script on-camera footage means far greater control over specific message and language.

Cons: Can require cue cards, line-memorization or a teleprompter as well as natural talent to pull off and make look good.

5. Scripted voice-over with motion graphics

Pros: Your ticket to awesome-town! Provides the highest level of control, anything is possible and is constricted only by ideas, time and budget. Perfect for complex messages that are hard to show or products that aren’t visual, or fully developed yet.

Cons: Can be expensive and time-consuming. These ideas rely 100% on quality and execution of a compelling creative concept. Can work against you if the audience gets a sense you are hiding behind a flashy video rather than really showing your company, product or customers on screen.

6. Unscripted language with supporting graphics

Pros: This method can boost engagement on a key piece of audio you’d like to use but that doesn’t have good video with it. Can be really engaging if done well.

Cons: Can be expensive and time consuming. If the audio isn’t really strong, probably not a good fit.

7. Graphics with no spoken words

Pros: If you have no other assets or footage, this method can be a nice way to bring a text message to life.

Cons: May require some graphics and animation creation. Probably less engaging that some other methods but still with its own novel charms.

8) Screen-cast/ Screen-capture from computer

Pros: Fantastic for tutorial/educational material. Showing your audience exactly what something looks like or how it works can be very powerful. Can be very low cost.

Cons: Can be somewhat boring or low-quality depending on preparation, editing or the material.

9) Photos with music and/or text

Pros: If you have compelling photos, this can be very powerful and affordable.

Cons: Video is on a timeline so you may need LOTS of photos, perhaps one every 1-5 seconds..

These are just a start. Once you look at any of these styles there are variations and opportunities. The best advice is to look at your goal and then your resources - then the way forward shall reveal itself.

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