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Top 5 Video Content Ideas for 2013: How to Use Video to Grow

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As 2012 comes to a close, it’s a great time to begin planning for how your company can be using video more effectively to accomplish your goals. As your customers continue to enjoy and seek out more and more business-related video content (at work, home or mobile) the content they find can be yours…or your competition’s. By now, every marketer really should know that the marketplace has spoken: They want video! By creating the video content that they want and need (for every stage of the sales process) you can increase your chances of being noticed, being well understood, trusted and ultimately closing the deal.

Here are my top 5 video content ideas that seem to work best and can be used by just about any company:

Company/Product Overview: *This is a great place to start! By having a short overview video on your website, you can effectively engage, educate and build trust. Once you have an overview video, it can be shared in emails, social media, blog post,events, trade shows and more.

Client Testimonials: *Few things can top the persuasive, trust-building powerhouse of a handful of clients explaining how your company/product helped them solve an issue. By seeing their faces, we humans pick up on the non-verbal communication  cues. We can tell they mean what they say, it comes through. Combined with music and extra footage of the topic, this type of video content is the magic bullet for B2B trust building.

*Industry Experts/Thought Leaders *: By capturing the opinions and insights of industry experts, you can create buzz and generate some good traffic around your brand. These thought leaders can also help boost your brand profile by association. If you were to chop up one interview session into lots of short clips, you could even make a regular series out of it and build audience.

Educational/Walk-Throughs: *Video is the perfect tool for show & tell. Record a process, walk through or demo just one time and share with the world. You could do it face to face, but think how many more people could see a video and how much time & money you’d save on travel.

Recruitment: Attracting the right talent is key to business success. People want to get to know the culture and people a bit first before signing on, or perhaps even applying. By creating a quality recruitment video, you can really help candidates understand what you are all about, what the opportunities are and make the decision easier by removing some of the ‘elements of the unknown’ before they hop on board.

These types of content are what I have seen work really well for my clients and are by far the most popular client requests. Remember, all of this content can also be leveraged on your website(s), on your company blog,  social media, You Tube channel, via partners and even at events. The really cool thing about video is that once you make it, it’s out there working for you 24/7 on a global scale! It doesn’t typically go away either, the content you make can keep bringing home the bacon for years.

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Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions and I’ll do my best to help answer them.

Good luck!

Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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