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Top 7 Most Valuable Video Content Types for Tech Companies

*(Above: An overview video for Verizon’s new cloud service) *

For technology companies, video has become an essential tool for many aspects of business.  Other than a face-to-face meeting, video is simply the best way to communicate. It explains, builds trust, removes the elements of the unknown and expands your reach, globally and 24/7, without the need for travel. Here are 7 of the most effective way our technology clients are using video to help them be successful.

  1. *Overview Videos: *Also known as “Explainer” videos,  these short videos help give the world a quick sense of what your company/product is and why they care.  Frequently these types of videos use testimonials or are animated with cool motion graphics, Customer testimonials are the gold-standard when it comes to building trust, but aren’t always feasible. Animation is a great way to engage the audience while visually explaining new and complex technology solutions in these cases.  For products that may be in development or not particularly visual, graphics may actually be the only realistic way to ‘show & tell’.
  2. Product Demos: For tech gadgets, being able to see the product in action is incredibly valuable. Trust is an important factor in a purchase decision of a customer, so this is huge. Seeing is believing!  It’s also a great way to help customer get all the ways they can use your product.
  3. *Tutorials, FAQ’s  & Walk-throughs: *Once your customer purchases your  product, they may need some support using it. By providing video tutorials, you may help free up your team’s bandwidth from direct support FAQ’s.  It may help them stay a customer and maybe even become a vocal advocate.
  4. *Kickstarter/Crowdfunding/Investor videos: *If you’re in the process of raising funds, video could be the most important part of of that.  Kickstarter basically says just that video is THE most important factor, and they have the data to back that up.  Most investors don’t know exactly how to evaluate viability of new technology so you’ll have to educate them why your product and company is worthy. Video can help build that trust and remove the elements of the unknown.
  5. *Sizzle Reel/Trade Show Video: *A sexy, flashy short video is a fantastic way to grab attention and explain your product at industry events. Most people at trade shows are distracted and busy so standing out is essential.  It can lure people to your booth, boost awareness from across a room and create ‘brand lift‘ (cool factor) . If you aren’t doing these types of videos, chances are your competition is!
  6. *Recruitment: *Attracting top talent is job #1 for any growing company. What better way for prospective employees to explore what you’re all about without wasting each other’s time?  They can see the office, meet the team and get a sense of the company feel. If you were exploring an opportunity and knew there was a recruitment video, you’d watch, right?!
  7. *Content Marketing Videos: * By creating video content that addresses the questions and concerns of your prospective customers, you can lead them down the sales funnel. If you are the helpful expert they trust, you are one step closer to a sale. By educating them about the issue surrounding your product you are also removing the elements of the unknown that might prevent a sale.  Google has made it pretty darn clear that they reward companies that regularly create valuable content with higher search rankings so this will continue to be an area every company needs to focus on.

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