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T'was the night before Festivus...Top 7 Marketing Lessons of 'Festivus'

Any Seinfeld fans out there? You guys know about Festivus? Hello? Helloooo? Is this this thing on? No, seriously people…

Frank Costanza was a visionary. Frank invented Festivus. He saw over-commercialization as a cancer eating away at the true meaning of the holiday season. He decided to create a new holiday known as “Festivus” that would allow followers to celebrate in the way they wanted and needed to. In a way, I think Festivus represents what social media has become…

The democratization of media tools and evolution of communication has allowed just about anyone to participate and take ownership of ideas, and spread them like never before. Media isn’t just for big brands any more. In this way, I think Festivus can teach us several things about the relationship between brands and consumers. Here are my Top 7 Marketing Lessons of Festivus:

  1. Consumers aren’t dumb: They know a good thing (and bad thing) when they see it. The result? Christmas gets over-commercialized, then some leave it in the dust.
  2. Consumers are fickle. They learn about new products and trends and want to experience them too. Adapt or die!
  3. Consumers are tired of being ‘marketed at’.  In today’s marketplace, consumer’s have a voice: ignore at your own peril.
  4. Consumers want a sense of community. Frank envisioned Festivus as a dynamic exchange of ideas and ‘discussion’ aka “the airing of the grievances”. People don’t exist in a bubble, use that fact to your advantage.
  5. Consumers want a sense of participation: People engage with brands that engage them back, create a community or participators and many people will naturally become brand advocates .
  6. Consumers want a sense of ownership: If people spend a lot of time and energy on something, they want it to matter. If they have some sense of ownership, they are much more likely to care.
  7. Consumers want a way to vent: Listening and accepting criticism and responding in a ‘grown up brand’ way shows consumers that you care.

    The bottom line is that customers, consumers…people… now have the power and the tools to create their own Festivus (or agendas, communities, blogs, news, events and reality). Companies can choose to engage with them, or they can go celebrate without you! The real meaning of Festivus is that everyone (and company) has the power to invent their own reality, the trick is engaging enough people to keep that reality going. If you help them believe, it is real.

I hope this Festivus brings you happiness and that you believe in the power to make your own reality too.

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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